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Mini vacation and lots of fotos...

I am back. It happened so quickly that it felt like I was there one moment and back here again. Back again to the routine of drudgery [my work and work place]. I wish we could have stayed longer. Not that Lonavala offered any great change. It used to be a hill station once but now it is a semi concrete jungle.

We thought it would be nice and cold; cosy climate. But it was pleasant or at least it felt that way for a while. Sunday morning was a lot of fun. We had planned to visit the Baja and the Lohagadh Fort. Unfortunately, we could make it to Baja only as Lohagadh was real far [at least we felt that way]. We traveled to the Ek Veera Mata Temple there on.

 By the way our cabby did not tell us about Karle Caves right behind the temple and I was daft enough to forget about it. That oldie did not want to take us to the lake so he said that the water had vanished. The bushy dam was also shut according to him. And to think we paid him half a grand! [Need to sharpen my bargaining skills here...]

We climbed about 150 stairs to get to the temple and waited about an hour to do Mataji's darshan. Everyone had to follow the narrow queque for it but this fisher woman found an easier way out! She just pretended that Mataji had entered her body so she decided to blabber some incoherent things and sway to some inaudible music to move ahead in the queque. 

People paniced at first and I did too. Then when it sinks in, you naturally feel ridiculous. Someone in the crowd said,"Hey cool idea. Hope devi ma enters our body too!" That earned him a few laughs. Then followed the second fisher woman. She moved ahead saying that she was going to look after her pal. Whatever! They got away faster. It is one of the lamest yet one of the funniest things that can happen. What not people do and get away with it. 

Though we know it is all bullshit but then who wants to fool around with religion? How do we or do we dare at all to question what religion preaches? Anyways that apart, we got a good darshan. When I say I mean that the priest did not rush us. I could stand there and pray for a whole minute.

We hardly had any time left when we got out. Then we visited Karle Caves. Had we not noticed the board, we would have just left. Thank god! It was beautiful [see info below]. In the morning we had visited the Baja. Both Baja and Karle Caves are more than 2000 years old. Although people or rather hooligans, have scratched and ruined a lot of stone carving, most of it is still intact. On the whole it was nice and I had lots of fun!

I am adding a few pics so have a look!


  1. Wow what absolutely fabulous photos ! I especially love the third one [from the bottom] where the frame looks customized though it isn't. :)

    And yes, religion is a touchy topic indeed. I would challenge it if it interfered with human rights as it is and has over the years. Communalism is a destructive thing indeed.

  2. Wow. Bhery good pics... Tripped by your blog after a long time.

    Just shifted to Mumbai like three months ago and am yet to find some time for myself, leave alone visting such lovely places, thanks to my wonderful job.

    And after a painfully huge pile of weekends that usually came bundled with work, i managed to visit Matheran last Saturday. Nice place. But i guess it would be greener and fresher after monsoons. To our dismay, we were greeted with a pathway full of red sand and horse shit (sorry for the crude language). But the pics here sure push me to visit Lonavala next time... Heh. So way to go!


  3. Fun!

    Good pics! :D

    Did you take the pics of what I had asked you to?

  4. @ AnnaChronism

    Thank you! I am glad you liked the pics. And I totally agree with you... 'Communalism is a destructive thing indeed'.

    @ AshenGlow

    Hey thanks for dropping by! I love Matheran and was there recently. If you like you can check out pics from my older posts.

    If you want to go to lonavala then you must visit the Baja, Karle caves and Lohaghad fort. Rainy season is the best time.

  5. @ Iggy

    Apne kaha aur humne liya! HEHEHE....Will show you the pics soon!

  6. I am glad to see these beautiful images...The fort looks superb...

  7. What fantastic photos, Nikki. I love them all. The third one from the bottom, from inside looking out, is really wonderful. I had no idea I was about to go on such a journey during my coffee break.

  8. beautiful photograph. i'm really interested in the patterns..

  9. @ Humanobserver

    Thanks a lot!

    @ Julia Smith

    Hey! thank you. I am glad you liked them. That pic is taken by my friend though. It turned out to be real good!

    @ floreta

    Thank you. We enjoyed taking pictures too! Thanks for stopping by.

  10. hi nikki...I really love your pictures..You are a professional

  11. wowie!

    reminded me of a song.. ek veera aai tu dongra wari.. erm

    dont mind me.. i remember weird songs :D

    lovely pictures!

  12. @ Winnie the poohi

    Hey! you are not being weird. I just recalled dancing on that song once in school. And as I mentioned I did go to the Ek Veera Mata Temple. I am glad you liked the pics!

  13. Hey :)
    reall nice pic

    Sorry ji..time se karunga ab!

  14. @ Standbymind

    Hehe! You better!


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