I never believed in notions that follow the 'Friday 13th'. It is not halloween either. But it got me. I am spooked, shaken in many ways; devastated.

Again, like any other optimistic person, I thought it would never happen to me. Mine was a picture-perfect world. Yes, it was. But when I looked into it, cracks seemed to have appeared. It made me cry. I cried my eyes out (no exaggeration here). Somethings cant be changed although we might try desperately.

Also, because it is not perfect anymore, we cant let go of it all. I cant either. Like we accept it as fate, I did so too. We are all human after all and we make mistakes. We say nightmares are good and sometimes, so are mistakes. And there are lessons to be learnt out of mistakes, which we hope we see, accept and learn. I hope the same for me. God forbid it happens with anyone else.

It was valentines day. I dont think I want one again. It is just another day and just a date. Every month has a 14th. It comes and goes. Today too, passed. I wish to be normal again which I will be but it will take sometime.

P.S: For all those who celebrated today, hope you had a good time and continue to do so everyday.


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