Birdy wirdy

We are being subjected to pigeon menace lately. This is the second time this silly bird has laid eggs in our flower pot. Last time, a few months ago she laid an egg and pa was afraid to water the plant. He actually wanted to discard both; the egg and the mother. But my mother being the good Jain gujju she is, wouldn't hear of it. Hence, the plant died. 

This means that for a stupid bird which mistakes a flower pot to be a branch which by the way are similar colours, my dad had to let his plant die.

It is unfair. He watches over these plants like his pets. I think he talks to them too sometimes. And this bird is being plain lazy. She has chosen a comfortable place. It has the right amount of shade and she remains hidden to the outside world. But the catch is, that my area is surrounded by trees. 

We have about 50 odd trees around my building and the other two colonies behind are green too. Plus my entire lane is lined with trees. So I see no point that Mrs. Pigeon has to come live in my pot.

Its not just the pot. Just recently we had to put a wire mesh around my air conditioner. When we got it cleaned we found two pigeon eggs and a complete nest. My parents are nice to these birds too. They feed these birds each morning with grain at my kitchen window. 

I guess all this has gone to their silly head and they think they can get away with anything. Dad does water the plant daily now but the bird hasn't shown any sign of budging.

Last time my mother was disappointed and called the bird 'ungrateful'. We never got to see the chick. One fine day there was no bird or the baby. But they are hoping to see two chicks this time. Whatever.


  1. OMG! The saammme happens to our plants too! Pigeons are really stupid...We just discard the eggs (with a heavy heart!) cause otherwise these pigeons just keep shitting! Also, when the chicks hatch, tiny flying insects surround them and start attacking us!! Eww!

  2. @ Iggy

    DAMN!!! Koi meri ma ko batao! Lolz. Lets see what happens now...

  3. a bit down down today...your writing did make me smile.. :)

  4. @ Himanshu

    I am glad my writing did that to you! Chalo kuch toh kaam aya!

  5. in ur house ...pigeons r laying eggs in the my house thy lay eggs on my cupboard!!!!!!! and worse thy shit on my cupboard(quite often) .....we had to get the watchman to take the eggs out and put thm at some other safe plc....

  6. U are lucky to see those eggs. Mein yeh khud chatahoon ki mere ghar mein aak ke koi panchi aanda dey cause I am a huge fan of birds.

  7. @ Chandni

    I sympathize with you! What else to do ya!

    @ Himanobserver

    You can take both, the bird and her eggs!

  8. LoL!! Yeah me too had bird related woes. The slab outside our window was a favourite shauchalay/living/mating/anda-giving place for the some not so cute pigeons. (Ugghh.. Do I find them repulsive!) This is in spite of a huge garden next to my place. But thanks to some renovation work, the slab became history and the pigeons shed tears over the loss of their favourite hang out place.

    And we partied. Truely pigeon headed these birds are.. ummm.. whatever.


  9. @ the walker

    Its more like boo birdie boo! Gack! whatever...

    @ AshenGlow

    I second your thoughts. Only wish my mum would understand. Lazy pigeon I tell you!

  10. This is pure Ruskin Bond stuff but with a slightly sour edge.

    Ask Menaka Gandhi to adopt the pigeons, the chicks and the eggs. She wouldn't mind a bit.
    Or better still hand it over to PETA India, I am sure they will get some leggy beauty to pose with the bird in question.

  11. @ Sujoy Bhattacharjee

    Good Idea! [:P]

  12. wth!!! i too share the same problem ya, these pigeons toh hav eaten my money plant also.....ggggrrrrr enough of them now....

  13. @ rash

    Lolz. Imagine...god forgot to give them brains...


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