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Birdy wirdy

We are being subjected to pigeon menace lately. This is the second time this silly bird has laid eggs in our flower pot. Last time, a few months ago she laid an egg and pa was afraid to water the plant. He actually wanted to discard both; the egg and the mother. But my mother being the good Jain gujju she is, wouldn't hear of it. Hence, the plant died. 
This means that for a stupid bird which mistakes a flower pot to be a branch which by the way are similar colours, my dad had to let his plant die.

It is unfair. He watches over these plants like his pets. I think he talks to them too sometimes. And this bird is being plain lazy. She has chosen a comfortable place. It has the right amount of shade and she remains hidden to the outside world. But the catch is, that my area is surrounded by trees. 
We have about 50 odd trees around my building and the other two colonies behind are green too. Plus my entire lane is lined with trees. So I see no point that Mrs. Pigeon has t…

Random as random gets...

I am taking this tag fromSupriya at Out of Focus (she is my inspiration)25 random things about me….I love red. Red is my all time favourite colour. I own five red bags and a lovely pair of red chappals.I would love to but have never dared to apply blood red nail polish.I am a prankster. But because of my so called docile appearance, I get away with almost every thing.I am a good liar.I hate cockroaches too. Ewwwww, they make my skin crawl.


I never believed in notions that follow the 'Friday 13th'. It is not halloween either. But it got me. I am spooked, shaken in many ways; devastated.

Again, like any other optimistic person, I thought it would never happen to me. Mine was a picture-perfect world. Yes, it was. But when I looked into it, cracks seemed to have appeared. It made me cry. I cried my eyes out (no exaggeration here). Somethings cant be changed although we might try desperately.

Also, because it is not perfect anymore, we cant let go of it all. I cant either. Like we accept it as fate, I did so too. We are all human after all and we make mistakes. We say nightmares are good and sometimes, so are mistakes. And there are lessons to be learnt out of mistakes, which we hope we see, accept and learn. I hope the same for me. God forbid it happens with anyone else.

It was valentines day. I dont think I want one again. It is just another day and just a date. Every month has a 14th. It comes and g…

Mini vacation and lots of fotos...

I am back. It happened so quickly that it felt like I was there one moment and back here again. Back again to the routine of drudgery [my work and work place]. I wish we could have stayed longer. Not that Lonavala offered any great change. It used to be a hill station once but now it is a semi concrete jungle.

We thought it would be nice and cold; cosy climate. But it was pleasant or at least it felt that way for a while. Sunday morning was a lot of fun. We had planned to visit the Baja and the Lohagadh Fort. Unfortunately, we could make it to Baja only as Lohagadh was real far [at least we felt that way]. We traveled to the Ek Veera Mata Temple there on.
 By the way our cabby did not tell us about Karle Caves right behind the temple and I was daft enough to forget about it. That oldie did not want to take us to the lake so he said that the water had vanished. The bushy dam was also shut according to him. And to think we paid him half a grand! [Need to sharpen my bargaining s…