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Here are a few reaons to why I absolutely love Calvin & Hobbes. A stroke of sheer genius, Bill Waterson!


Today is the 1st of December. Ideally this post should have been written earlier. A lot has already been written, said and promised. I am not going to write anything different.

On 26th November, I was at a relatives house for the mehendi ceremony. While someone applied heena on my hands, a phone-call ruined the festive atmosphere. A relative said that there might have been firing at CST. Then someone said there was a blast at Colaba. Mum ran frantically outside to call my dad. His office is just fifteen minutes away from Colaba. Plus he did not have the car that day which meant that he would take the train.
When I was told this I shrugged it off. These might be just rumours. Blasts happen all the time plus dad was in Navi Mumbai and the office was shut. People had already panicked. This was around 10 pm. Then we heards of blasts in Parle. Hence the TV was switched. Channel after channel spoke about the hostage situation. The Anti terrorist squad had been summoned.

Ok they seemed to say…