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I remember reading this post on De-scribe’s blog. This was about fear of traveling alone in the lifts. Ok lifts spook me too. Especially closed lifts and confined places. I will not travel in a lift if there are more than two kids or even one person more than four. The size of the lift doesn’t matter.

Ummm, this is one of my phobias, apart from water and height. Another thing is I always consider myself to be very independent, mind you which I am most of the times. I believe I can always take care of my self and all that jazz. I have been asked to be careful, not to travel alone, don’t travel too late in the night… the list goes on. But I have managed all of this in the past and I will continue to do so. Albeit, a lil more carefully. Well, you can say I learnt this in a weird way and yeah, recently.

Now, we always hear of women who complain of being followed, of men letching at them etc. Well, these things always happen to ‘other’ women, so I thought. I walk to the station daily with a colleague of mine. Sometimes we stop to pani-puri at Brijwasi or we are just engrossed in talking. Before we get to the station there is this big junction we have to cross. As usual we were talking, walking and crossing. Somehow we did not notice a man, rather a drunk man following us. After a while we did see him and he too looked at us. This was about at 8: 30 pm. So we stopped, thinking he might walk ahead. He did a bit but then turned back. Suddenly he put his hand in his pocket. Now I was getting a lil panicky but that was just his cell phone. Next we walked even further but yet he followed. Now we were aware that he was actually following us. So to avoid any nuisance we decided to cross the road. Once on the other side, we saw standing there and thought good riddance. Resuming to walk-talk we did not realize he was right behind us. Now I was totally spooked. I wanted to flee. Unfortunately when I am real nervous I can’t think at all. My colleague was calmer and quickly called the office and asked our editor to come fetch us.

But the guy hadn’t stopped following us. My cool colleague quickly pulled me into a tailors shop closeby. I had no clue why she did this. Then she started talking about different trouser materials, discussed their costs. She thought that if she wasted time here, that looney man would leave. But much to our dismay, he came and sat right outside the shop. Now I was practically shaking and had gone red in the face. Finally, we told the tailor that some man was following us and that we had called office. Two guys who were in the shop went out and approached the man. Suddenly, that fellow entered the shop and was like ‘sister what did I do?’ This spooked us both!

But they threw him out. I was already at my wits end and could barely sit. Meanwhile our colleagues came to fetch us. Now this was a funny situation to them. I wanted to go home by rick and was visibly shaken. But I decided to go by train only. While walking the remaining distance, we both kept looking out and every man somehow looked like him. We were kind of traumatized.

Next day was even worse. I was the laughing stock in the office. I was like how can I be prepared or rather did I know this is going to happen to me? Seriously it wasn’t that funny but jokes lasted the next two days.



  1. OMG ! What a strange encounter !

  2. Jokes had to..where is ur chilli spray huh???

  3. the best adventure story i have heard in months :P

  4. @ humanobserver
    Yeah, strange...

    @ himanshu
    thats a pepper spray...

    @ the walker
    you meanie! Something could have happened to me!

  5. I must say i am waiting for the next story :P

  6. first lesson - don't panic.i know it sounds weird to say that when you not that person involved.however don't lets say never panic.hope you started to carry those pepper spray's and also a pen knife..

  7. @ the walker

    :( walker is making fun of me...

    @ Tachi
    Thank you... I should get something!


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