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I am early from work today. Not well too. Have a blocked nose [that didnt stop the smelly socks odour going into my nostrils] It is a rare thing that I am on time to catch up something on TV. I dont really have any program that I follow regularly. Generally I end up just flicking channels.

Well today was no different. Did just the same. And I can say I am kinda happy when I get to catch up on either Friends, Grey's Anatomy or Sex and the City. So today I managed to watch the last fifteen minutes of Sex and the City. I kinda find it cool. Also I will take the liberty of saying, that yes I relate my self to it. May be because I am [most of the times] fiercely independent. And I really enjoy it. It has been a real long time since somebody actually went out of their way to do something for me. I dont expect it.

I do live with my parents but after a certain I need my me time. Plus I will also only adapt to changes if and when I want. Not that changes are bad but if they pop up suddenly I feel my indepence is threatened. I am trying to make a point here. While watching the episode, Carrie entered her apartment and Aiden, her boyfriend was all set to surprise her. He had gotten her a new apple laptop which was blue along with a zip drive.

Her first reaction "but its blue! and pretty expensive. When did you get this?"
Aiden: " Just today plus I got you a zip drive so that you can start piling it up with your life"
CB: " But you didnt have to... I have my old computer. So what if it crashed. I am not giving up on it.It will be back."
Aiden: " But look, this is sleek and can be carried around like a handbag!"
CB: " But why should I switch my computer for a laptop. I dont need this. My whole life is on that computer. You just cannot get me to change overnight....."
Aiden, nods and CB:" What?"
Aiden: " So it is still about you ha ? All about you!"
CB: " Me? What else do you want? I gave you a key! A key to my apartment?
Aiden: " A Key? yeah, ok so I can enter your apartment but when will I get an entry there?" pointing to her heart.

bzzzz....Under normal circumstances I would have enjoyed the conversation further and be done with it. But I guess this affected me a lot more. Suddenly [ yaya!] I see similarity in CB and me. I know I would react to something new and so sudden in a similar fashion. It is not that I dont appreciate the effort. It is just that I am not prepared. I like to be in control and yes, composed all the time. Hence, when faced with such a situation I dont take to it kindly. I am saying all this because although I dont intend to hurt him, I would end up hurting him.

I have tried but it is very difficult for me to let him completely take care of me.

This episode suddenly had me worried. Because my love, yes I know loves me more than anything and everything, would be hurt. And I hate to hurt him. But I will try. I do like being taken care of sometimes, I admit. Plus when it comes from him, it is overwhelming.

Love you boo!


  1. yaaarrrr... ladkiya kabhi nai samjhengi. Always in an identity crisis. Kabhi tulsi and kabhi carrie...

    It was an apple laptop.

    I hope you will make the right choice if you have such an opportunity :P

  2. That was an interesting and intelligent conversation....but the most important thing was that the episode affected you a lot....

  3. :) big LOLZ..

    anyways apart from this i have something else in my mind.. association whew!

  4. thats quite a conflict of emotions...I wonder why no one gifts me laptops! :{

    Scribblers Inc.

  5. Thank you people. Lolz. Ok Jokes apart. It is not really about the new apple laptop ok. Plus I dont see any identitity crisis.

    Ummm all i can say is that not everybody is happy when change comes along...suddenly!

    P.S: CB used the lappy there after!

  6. A Change is a not a change when we accept it though it becomes one when we try to oppose it.....

  7. Agar laptop use kar lia to itna shor kyun machaya pehle...

    if she used the laptop then this post is pointless too :P

  8. @ the Walker

    This post was not pointless. In the end we all adapt to change. The issue was that the 'change' popped up suddenly.
    Again, it is not about the laptop!


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