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Dolly Loves Sanchu

The cold room looked more like a morgue to him. The antiseptic odor in the past had made his nauseous but not anymore. Surrounded by hoards of machines he lay quietly. Something he had not done in a long time. He had always been up to something. Today, he was bound by syringes and saline that kept dripping colorlessly into the pipe. A pipe that kept him from going into the oblivion. He had seen them often, these black figures, the so-called messengers of death. They seemed to roam freely in the whole ward. But somehow they seem to have forgotten his bed number. The pricking needles did not hurt anymore. The color of blood was just red.
Earlier in the year, the doctors had diagnosed him with renal failure. At his age it was fatal. Fatal yes, but only for his body. The body which had forced him to live for fifty-two years longer than he wanted to. He had lost his soul long back, he was sure of that. People came to visit one by one. They came, stood by his bed, looked on and left. He co…

About me...

I am early from work today. Not well too. Have a blocked nose [that didnt stop the smelly socks odour going into my nostrils] It is a rare thing that I am on time to catch up something on TV. I dont really have any program that I follow regularly.Generally I end up just flicking channels.

Well today was no different. Did just the same. And I can say I am kinda happy when I get to catch up on either Friends, Grey's Anatomy or Sex and the City. So today I managed to watch the last fifteen minutes of Sex and the City. I kinda find it cool. Also I will take the liberty of saying, that yes I relate my self to it. May be because I am [most of the times] fiercely independent. And I really enjoy it. It has been a real long time since somebody actually went out of their way to do something for me. I dont expect it.

I do live with my parents but after a certain I need my me time. Plus I will also only adapt to changes if and when I want. Not that changes are bad but if they pop up suddenly…

Ode To A Perv...

Hello there,

Much to the walker's disappointment my new post is not an adventure. Nonetheless  I had a lot of fun writing this piece of poetry. Plus, this is my first attempt to write something in rhyme. So bear with me please! 

Picture courtesy: Cartoon Stock. Picture is used for representation purpose only and the copyright lies with the artist.

Ode To A Perv...

This is a story of an old perv He enjoys admiring 20 year old's curves.

He thought he was young Girls thought he smelled like dung

He loved holding their hands to kiss While they preferred to miss!

He thought he was artistic and fancy He could well qualify for a pansy

He thought he was cool and made women drool While they wish to push to him into the pool

He said he owned wine, pearls and art They thought he was an ugly old fart!

They said, "He was a waste" While he thought he had taste.

Sigh, oh sigh and sigh some-more... His dirty thoughts gave him a high But left the girl feeling awry!

Such is the story of a cumbersome perv


I remember reading this post on De-scribe’s blog. This was about fear of traveling alone in the lifts. Ok lifts spook me too. Especially closed lifts and confined places. I will not travel in a lift if there are more than two kids or even one person more than four. The size of the lift doesn’t matter.

Ummm, this is one of my phobias, apart from water and height. Another thing is I always consider myself to be very independent, mind you which I am most of the times. I believe I can always take care of my self and all that jazz. I have been asked to be careful, not to travel alone, don’t travel too late in the night… the list goes on. But I have managed all of this in the past and I will continue to do so. Albeit, a lil more carefully. Well, you can say I learnt this in a weird way and yeah, recently.

Now, we always hear of women who complain of being followed, of men letching at them etc. Well, these things always happen to ‘other’ women, so I thought. I walk to the station daily with …