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Road… nah a train trip!

How to define a trip well enjoyed? Ummm lemme see… for starters get an older brother ( not much older really) to force it upon you that so and so weekend is perfect for a getaway and yeah, we have to get away!

That done. The location is pre decided. Because we all happen to like the place, the hunt for the best (cheapest actually) deal begins. This is dumped onto the youngest before. The poor lil thing is even more baffled. Then someone decides to try and well, can’t do much. So finally the older brother gets the best deal or so he may say. And because nobody really tried we take his word.

So the night before we leave, we get to know the train timings. We have only two days so we want to make the most of it. the days begins at sharp 4:15 am [that is early or else holidays are meant to be slept in till 2 pm!]

Being a girl I deserve a pat on my back coz I hardly take a while to dress. Lets say just about 15 mins. Ok that done. Bags packed. Calls made and we get into a cab. We reach the brothers’ place and yeah, they are almost ready too! A lil bit of confusion of how and where and when to catch the train from. Ok that done too. We speed off to the station when the brother gets a brainwave. Lets try for a cab all the way. See we are a bunch of nice, obedient sisters and so we nod. But no train it is [its freaking expensive otherwise!]

We have the tickets and we are at the platform. Surprisingly everything seems to be going right. A quick check and we realize we are at the wrong platform. And the train is just three mins away! So we made a dash for it. lady luck was on our side and yeah, the train was late. Again we were far away from the 1st class compartment and had to run. Ok so we got in safe and sound!

Ahem, I know I haven’t mentioned the destination so far. It was (and is) Matheran! Matheran is not really far and yeah, it is the best get away anyone I know, can ask for. Set on a hillock, it is a green haven and yeah, no vehicles are allowed into Matheran. Even today you either walk all the way to your hotel or take a horse. Yes, there is a mini train too but we preferred walking. So the six of us took to walking, following the narrow rail tracks through the terrain. It took us about forty five mins, considering so many times we stopped to click pictures.

Then walking through the market and asking at least five local how far was our hotel and they all said… dus mint aur!
So maybe after another fifteen mins we reached Anand Ritz. Now Anand means happiness and we were not exactly happy. The location was good as is the whole of Matheran. But the rooms were a disappointment. It was musty and stuffy. But we had made payment in advance so we made do with it.

The pool was another disappointment. It looked blue but we could see it wasn’t really clean. The walk had gotten us all sleepy and the main aim to come here was to de- stress. Hence, we soundly slept till like noon. Food… we were ravenous!
The spread seemed good in the banquet hall and food it was. But the food on the whole lacked any kind of taste or flavour. Now the youngest kid did not eat much. So after eating what we could we girls [4 girls+2 boys] decided to go for a walk and get some food. the boys went back to sleep.

We walked around the market place for about an hour. We got four packets of biscuits, 15 melodies and two packets of chips. Yes, we scouted for good shops for some evening shopping spree too. On our way back we met this nice boy Karan who asked if we needed horses for some riding next morning. We readily agreed. So a decent price was fixed and we headed back to unhappy Ritz.

At the hotel we decided to go for a swim. But I wouldn’t go into the water so finally C& C decided to go. But C [she] was paranoid of jumping into the pool too. But the poor thing was pushed into the water. And we all sat by the pool and laughed at it. suddenly we were attacked by monkeys. Ok I would like to think so! They tried to grab every morsel of food they could lay their hands or paws on.

We noticed that someone had left their balcony open and the monkey entered. We started to instruct the staff about the monkey’s whereabouts! It was a good laugh all this time. we headed back to our rooms. And as we were getting in I felt a chocolate wrapper fall on me and looked up. There it was! Sheesh, we panicked and thought it would try and get into our room. We were sure we had shut everything. But alas, as we entered, another monkey was eating away our spare food. then in a split second, there was a lot of screaming and the poor animal might have gotten a heart attack! It ran but only after it had eaten all the melodies, 3 biscuit packets and because it could not manage to tear the chips pack they remained.

Yes, after this we all felt silly. Well, we headed to do our shopping nonetheless. Now Matheran is famous for lovely chappals. So between four girls and a boy we managed to buy eleven pairs. I ended up buying three pairs. Now the other interesting bits of the trip would be best explained through pictures which I would be able to post only when I can get them. So the post shall continue.


  1. hehehe nice!! ... i hv strtd putting em on face book ... i put 60 abt 50 more r left .. so keep saving from my album

  2. that was really funny!! :)

    and I am waiting for the pics too!

  3. Hmmmm..What a trip ! But you should have posted some pictures of your journey....

  4. Wow !! I neva knew that Matheran was sucha luvley place... Except for the Monkiez though.. he he...

    The FUN factor is definitely seen in the pix u uploaded... cool..

    But i wud anyday vote for a Roadtrip over a train trip.. hehe :)


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