In the moonlight....

The curtains drawn,
The lights switched off.

Yet, streaming in,
the moon light
casts a shadow.
A shadow so gentle
and beautiful.

A shadow of you.
Of you asleep.
Asleep, lying by
my side.

Your gentle breathing
makes me smile.
I smile and turn.
Turn, to look at you.
At you, through
the crook of my arms.

Then you smile.
Smile, perhaps
because you are
happy and content.

Content with me
by your side.
The shadow casts
a lovely picture.
A picture of you
and me.

Of you with me.
Of me with you.

Of us in the


  1. @ himanshu
    sigh... thank you //bows//

  2. very nice, especially the image of a shadow cast in moonlight!
    good stuff..heartfelt.

  3. Such a lovely post..-sigh- :)

  4. a very simple but a very joyful and heartfelt expression... good job......

  5. @ zephyr
    :) Thanks...

    @ Raghav
    Thank you.

    @ Iggy
    Sigh... :)

    @ ShantanuDas
    Thanks for stopping by!

    @ dr.Paranoid
    Thank you sir!

  6. No I did not just stop by... i came surfing from commentor(s) on my blog.. and found yours...

    I do not know if you are married (or living in... one never knows!) but.. what you said does tell the true story of love.. I too have felt it many times.... !


    I will try to rbr and come back again...


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