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Road...nah train trip II

The pictures below will tell you why we enjoyed our trip so much and yeah, we all love Matheran....

Road… nah a train trip!

How to define a trip well enjoyed? Ummm lemme see… for starters get an older brother ( not much older really) to force it upon you that so and so weekend is perfect for a getaway and yeah, we have to get away!

That done. The location is pre decided. Because we all happen to like the place, the hunt for the best (cheapest actually) deal begins. This is dumped onto the youngest before. The poor lil thing is even more baffled. Then someone decides to try and well, can’t do much. So finally the older brother gets the best deal or so he may say. And because nobody really tried we take his word.

So the night before we leave, we get to know the train timings. We have only two days so we want to make the most of it. the days begins at sharp 4:15 am [that is early or else holidays are meant to be slept in till 2 pm!]

Being a girl I deserve a pat on my back coz I hardly take a while to dress. Lets say just about 15 mins. Ok that done. Bags packed. Calls made and we get into a cab. We reach the bro…

River Rafting...

Another Dandeli post, this!

So we (SCM gang) had been to Dandeli for our photography tour last year [Note: apart from this we went to Hampi and Karwar] Dandeli totally rocked. We were living at a lovely resort that was both cosy and spacious. It was green haven. And for a person who has always lived in Mumbai this was a special treat. My first reaction when I stepped into the resort of the sound of gushing water. Boy! I thought it was a waterfall. OK it was not but it was this beautiful river Kali. Green clear water... so clear that I could actually see the tiny fishes and the climate was heaven.

We went for nature walk on the first day and yeah, got lost. Had a nice doggy to guide us back. So the night after the drinking sessions was the big day. The day for river rafting. Now I was excited about this event and was one of the first to volounteer when they took names back in class. Well, of course I did not know what I was getting into. On our way to Dandeli [short-easy bus ride unlike…

Sex and cigarettes

She was late today. It was fifteen minutes past three. It was past her usual ‘ciggy break’ time. Sid had known all her timings. This would be her fifth cigarette of the day. And if she had the time, she would smoke a joint.

Sid had helped her light a match when he noticed she wasn’t comfortable using matchsticks. That had been the first time they had met. A friendship blossomed instantly. Three years had gone by. They had gone from being random pals to good pals. He went to her birthday parties, and she let him treat her on his birthdays. But like she said, “I am just Bee to you!”

Ouch… that had hurt. Sid had wanted more. More so that he could care for her. If she permitted, hold her and love her. How could he not? Bee was cute, smart and yeah, intelligent. She had a weird dressing sense. Some women called her an attention seeker. But he knew that he knew her better. It was a one-sided love affair.

Bee, perhaps knew what he felt. She knew he was attentive than most of the men she knew. H…

In the moonlight....

The curtains drawn,
The lights switched off.

Yet, streaming in,
the moon light
casts a shadow.
A shadow so gentle
and beautiful.

A shadow of you.
Of you asleep.
Asleep, lying by
my side.

Your gentle breathing
makes me smile.
I smile and turn.
Turn, to look at you.
At you, through
the crook of my arms.

Then you smile.
Smile, perhaps
because you are
happy and content.

Content with me
by your side.
The shadow casts
a lovely picture.
A picture of you
and me.

Of you with me.
Of me with you.

Of us in the

Crazy just got crazier...

2007 was a crazy year. I had never imagined I could do what I did... lolz. Dear all, before you let the horses of your mind race all I am talking about is my course. Yeah, I am talking about the Social Communications Media course at Sophias.

We did whole lot of things. It was crazy. And when I say crazy... it was Crazy with a capital C. To top it all, we were 40 girls together in one batch ( Sophias is a all girls college). So it was like 'WELCOME TO THE BITCHING ARENA!' Ok maybe not always. I did end up making friends for life and I am glad.

There are so many things that happened then that I guess this blog space would be less to talk about it. But I would like to share this one particular incident which happened during our photography tour. (I have already spoken about the drinking binge earlier!)

So the photography tour was the highlight... actually a big huge NEON!( lolz whatever that means...). Our first destination was Hampi. This place is full of mythological stories of…