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Drink again...nah!

These days I cringe at the thought of having a vodka shot. I always thought drinking was ok and that I could handle it someday when I decide to start drinking. Well drink I did and how!

Anyways, I remember the drinking sessions during our SCM photography tour in Dandeli where I had my first proper glass of vodka. It was hardly anything. Su and So were so drunk. It was fun. And all I felt was drowsy. But then everything isnt the same everytime you try it right? Right!!!

I learnt this
in a very strange way. Ummm... lets say I am way too embarrased to even discuss it on the outside. Worst of all I will never be able to put it behind me and move on. Because it happened with people I cherish the most and yeah, they quite enjoyed themselves. Like I said before...drink I did and I got drunk!

Darn! It happened on a fateful saturday night, when the love of my life was in town and yeah, introduced him to my cousins. Had a light dinner, all of us. Had ice- cream. He left for hotel and we came back to get drunk. Ok that was not the initial idea. We or should I say me, had been assured that nothing can possibly happen. So we were all set. Thirty ml of vodka each, in plastic ice, with pepsi or sprite. Some peppy and cheeze balls and ruffle lays for tid-bits. The session had begun!

I felt dizzy but they said 'quit acting!' So I shut up or I thought I did. We drank more and I was on a high for sure. C (she) started to jabber non-stop and considered drunk. U was fine surprisingly. M burst into tears for some mysterious reason and we consoled her. Between this we had to threaten C to shut the
f@#$%^&!!! I remeber being helped to the loo and yeah, I brought up in the pot.

That was ok. Now for the most embarassing thing. Please always keep this in mind NEVER...I MEAN NEVER EVER CALL YOUR BOY FRIEND WHEN YOU ARE DRUNK!!!!!

Sheesh! I did. And to add the cherry on the cake, I said things I would have never said or at least yelled into the phone. (I am not even venturing there again!) Plus he would never let me forget this.

Double darn! anyways now I just cant think of drinking or even sipping a mild breezer. I am done here.


  1. a post on non veg food followed by a post on getting drunk.. what do we have next ;)

  2. wwwwwooohoooooo ... i throughly enjoyed that day .. was gna write on ti myself .... hahahahahaha!!

  3. @ the walker

    yar abhi toh shuruvat hai! aage aage dekho aur kya kya likhna hai! hhehehe!

    @ myst

    I hope you dont remember and hope even more earnestly what I said to him on the phone!

  4. hey i feel it was a gud start, But Dandeli? hope it will be fixed in you.would like to know more if you have spent gud time in Dandeli, wlso post it.

  5. Hehe..welcome to the reformed-teetotalers club! :D

  6. When did this happen? :-) i strongly believe that you should take things a bit more lightly and always be in high spirits ....
    Johhny Walker

  7. Vodka is good, please don't stop drinking. Just switch off the phone when you drink next time ;)

    Actually, guys like it when girls get drunk and call them. You can always say sorry next day and tell that you were too drunk.




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