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Chicken fever....

I am a foodie. I love to try new cuisines but that is limited to vegetarian fare. Yes, I like to stick to ghaas-phoos (grass-leaves...literally!), thank you. But what surprises me, are the choices my friends go in for while they order food. Be it anywhere... it will undoubtedly be chicken!

While at SCM, proper lunch was a leisure unlike just grabbing a bite of a few biscuits or vada pav. Canteen menu is limited too but chicken was always available. So for most people it would be a chicken pizza or a chicken grill sandwich. OK, considering it was the canteen and the food was nothing great but it had to be chicken. First thing they (my gang from SCM) order outside is something with chicken or something that will definetly have some portion of chicken. The first thing they look for in any spread, wherever that maybe, is of course chicken! My guy (mess food sucks!) whenever he gets a chance to eat in the city(hostel is located in the middle of nowhere), definitely eats chicken!

Being a veggie I cant tolerate eating the same vegetable everywhere but nothing can change for these chicken eaters. Trust me (no offence to chicken people here!) doesnt it all taste the same?

Sometime back a jain cousin (am half gujju...remember?) started eating chicken. Ok, this was completely out of curiosity because he had the similar chicken eating friends. He very proudly pronounced it "yummy!!" and very paneer(cottage cheese) like! I hate the comparison though.

Another girl i know, looks for the silly bird in everything she eats. I heard my sis telling her over the phone (eavesdropping is fun! " If you eat so much chicken... you might just grow wings!"

Sigh... ummm so you guys out there.... beware!


  1. I'm a veggie too... and this fascination for chicken in every eat-out always gets me thinking whats so special about the little bird...

    Nice post.. keep going!

  2. @Lalitha
    Hi, thanks for stopping by. Yes, I am still waiting for the chicken eaters to post theiur reasons!

  3. Oye! Don't hate on chicken! It's the best thing ever! And you know, I've often wondered the same about veg fare...whenever any veggie goes out to eat, paneer will always be included in the order! So it's the same...look at it from the meat eaters vantage point as well! :P :D

    But I still love you!

  4. Here in North America, there's a joke that any sort of exotic meat one could encounter will come up with this response:

    'Tastes just like chicken!'

    And in North America, I would guess that much more red meat is consumed than chicken.

  5. I happened to stumble upon your post by chance.....and here ur talking about the most delicious food ever!!!!frankly im not much of a non veggie lover ...only exception being chicken!!!!!but really dont u think veggies kind of restrict their options?Its a great way to go green anyway...ive tried too many times....Damn those awesome chicken dishes!!!

  6. i stumbled upon your blog by chance and here you are talking about the most delicious thing ever!!!trust me ive tried umpteen number of times to go green(which i think is a great thing by the way)...but damn those mouth lickering drums of heaven which inevitably manage to prevent me from doing so!!

  7. yar maine abhi do saal pahle chicken khana suru kiya hai, i was kinda forced into having it or you can say that i CHICKENED out of vegan lifestyle... and i have loved it yaar.

    Vegan food is v good but when it comes to options... Non Veg cuisine is clear winner.
    Like all the mughlai and Hyderabadi food... biryanis, kaathis... all based on Non veg yaar...

    Its good.

  8. Ahem...Ahem(clears throat) I mean no offence to chicken eater ha! I do not blame them for killing a bird!

    @ Julia

    @ Priyanka Sarkar
    Thanks for stopping by!

    @ The Walker
    Reality check! Veg mein bhi bahut variety hai ha!

  9. i sooo agree.... alll my frnds includin sumit ....CHICKEN CHICKEN CHICKEN! ...


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