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I am prone to being silly at times. Fine. Maybe all the time. For example I keep asking these silly questions to him like what if we hadnt met or what if this or that. He is a sweetheart. He doesnt mind and answers them patiently ( read "Tum pagal ho kya?")

He was in the city yesterday. I have this rumbling in my tummy everytime I am going to meet him or he comes to meet me. I cant stop blushing everytime he looks at me (read " Please aise mat dekho!") lolz.

We traveled in BEST bus. Ate Jain Pizza (I'm half jain remember?). Walked through Colaba causeway, bought clothes for him& me off the streets( my first time), bought two pairs of chappals, went for a stroll at Marine drive hand in hand( giggles...), shared a kalakhatta flavoured gola( ice candy) at Chowpati...sigh! In short it was amazing.

While he was dropping me off home last night in the cab, I popped a silly question as usual. "What if you have the opportunity to go back in time and change anything you like?" He paused...Umm...hmmm and said "I wouldnt want to go back, Nikki. If I changed anything in the past then maybe we would not have been together at all. I dont want to change that !"

Straight and simple. And had he asked me this I would have had a long list. I wanted to change so many things but not anymore. EVerything is good maybe not great always. We dont always and cant meet up whenever we want or things dont shape like we want but it is really ok.

I am glad we dont really have a rewind button. Though at the moment I wouldnt mind a fast-forward button ha!( grins cheekily!)


  1. @ Himanshu
    I waiting for announcements...so keep checking this space for some good fun!

    @ Julia
    I am so in love Julia....planning to tell my ma& pa soon!

  2. This time...ur pic is really awesome.

  3. @ The Walker
    Thank you...

    @ Sahefa
    Thanks again...

    @ Out of focus
    :) grin!

  4. This is probably my second visit to your blog... and what have I to see... for reasons best known to the almighty, the story brought a smile to my face and it has been there every since... all the best...

  5. @ Chandramohan "CM" Kannan

    Hey thanks...

  6. Bright clothes, hmmm....the colour scheme of the blog did suggest that much :)

  7. lol!
    people in love! ah **rolls eyes**


  8. aiyoo ... superbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

  9. @ Sujoy

    @ Impressionist

    @ Myst
    aha...whats with the southern influence ha?


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