I am not sure where to start. I went for an engagement party today. I generally dont like attending but like, this was compulsory. My father's bsiness partner's son was getting engaged so well we had to be there! Blah!

According to me occassions like these should be celebrated only with close friends and family who matter. I hate showing off. Plus Gujju (Gujrati) affairs are more about strutting your stuff than anything else. OK dont get me wrong, I am half gujju (ma's side). I dont exactly fit in there nor do I exactly fit in with my bong family. I dont speak gujju or bong as well as them. I am quiet; hence I am a snob.

I dont dance everytime there is a party and the latest bollywood dance number come on. I dont eat non-veg nor do I follow Paancham& atham. So basically I belong nowhere. This is fine with me. But people find it amusing that I or rather my family, the four of us can speak both languages.

Back to the point. One thing about Gujrati weddings or engagements or any occassion is that the women love to show off. Be it their fancy shinning ( read chamkila) sarees or their new jwellery sets. One actually doesnt require electricity as the jewels are flashy enough to provide ample light. Fine. I am being bitchy here, but like can I not decide with whom I want to mix with! I hate compulsions. I am cribbing but sundays are meant to be slept in till late.

Its always the same. Even the food. Its the same old thing...gujrati khana. Theek hai...now I'll shut up.


  1. yar no one can beet the punjabis in showing off...
    i am doing it even right now :P

    but agreed sometimes it crosses the limit.

  2. @the Walker

    ok yaar! but you have o meet the gujjus too!

  3. Now you have given me several things to look up. Thanks for coming by my blog, way back when.

  4. did...did u just steal my "buhh" ?


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