It is one of those days when it suddenly dawn's on you, that heck! you know nothing...
What do you do then? Ummm, bite your nails? Run the fastest to a secret place like the black hole for instance!
Yeah ok. I have felt that way, more than once ( these days especially) mind you!( Someone is reading my blog..Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrggghhhhh!!!!!)

Seriously I dont know why I am writing this. There are reasons though. Like there are reasons for everything so here goes: I am afraid "Ire" will die out... Ummm, actually cant think of anything else for now.

I'd like to add this by the way. I loved Spiderman... Toby Maguire "was" ( read was) the cutest superhero around. Then the new Bond (ok he's nothing less & instead of superpowers, he has super gadgets and he is undoubted hot...sizzzilesssssssssssss) I love him. But like I am distracted with someone else now...

So anyways back to the main issue, I think he new batman is "oh-so-hot". What I am trying to say is that whoever, guy/gal, misses The Dark Knight....sheesh shame on U!

You have to see it... I am definitely going again and yes, if my mother doesnt find out the second time round, then I can watch it the third time round!!!

P.S: I have been working for a little over two months now with ANIMATION REPORTER, now available at Landmark and Crossword stores all over...so go have a look!


  1. I LOVED 'The Dark Knight'. Have seen it once so far.

    ...so far...

  2. Seriously....The Dark Knight rocks!!!
    Heath Ledger--->legend just cos of this role.


  3. nice wat to promote ur magazine...ask ur boss to give u more salary :P

  4. @Julia
    I second your opinion...going to watch soon again! yay!

    @Comfortably numb
    Yeah it rocks...totally!

    @The Walker
    What? you havent seen it yet? Go man..jaldi jao& dekho!

    I get a raise soon!


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