My last post was very random. Well, so is this one. I am feeling all BLAH (literally!) Anyways...
Sometimes I feel i should have had pets. I love dogs and cats. Ma wont let me touch even the stray ones, though I never listen. To me they are absolutely lovable. Ummm so this is like my ultimate wish I WANT PETS!!!!!


  1. ooo i dont really think dogs are cute. i have a cat!! he's gawjus! u should get a cat.

  2. Both are suitable. Keep any. do not warryy abt ur mum she will allow u to keep it ven u bring one to home:P

  3. @ Niyara know since i want a pet...anything will do! hehehee! My dad had a russian cat but now they wont let me have any!

    @ Sahefa
    I almost brought one doesnt help! Ma is adamant

    Dont say that!


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