Just this Once...

I remember, those
Beautiful summer days,
When I first saw you
Walking down my lane.

That pretty yellow
Summer’s dress and the
Dainty umbrella…
A few loose strands of
Hair, adorning your

You saw me and me; you.
We smiled.
I hoped to go for a walk,
Just for that one time with
You. We did.

I remember, those
Walks through the
Green pastures, by the sea
Your hand in mine and
A few loose strands of
Hair, adorning your

Then came the winter,
But you did not come.
Many many summers
Have gone past by now…
I have waited and still
Wait for you.

I remember, that
Pretty yellow summer’s
Dress and your hand in mine…

Wish, yes how I wish
That just this once,
You come by again
Walking down my lane
In that yellow dress and
A few strands of loose
Hair, adorning your face….


  1. that's a lovely poem..reminds me of my teen years...particularly about this secret lil crush which was shared mutually but silently between this guy and I..

  2. lovely poem...

  3. @ Lavender

    Thank you for your kind words. Apologies for the delayed response but I really appreciate it!

    @ Out of Focus


  4. @ The Walker

    :) Thank you!


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