Drugged with Kisses...

Like waves of passion
Embracing me...

Filling my soul to the brim
On a moonlit sunny night...

There I go flying
In those gossamer waves...

With wings of love
And strings of joy...

In glorified untold words
And amplified wispers...

I find my macrocosm
In those subtle touches...

And there I am
All doped and drugged...

Drugged with Kisses!


  1. that was great! "amplified whispers" such a unique phrase, along with the others! love the title too! how lovely to be drugged with kisses!

  2. Too true!
    Drunk on the touch.
    Rock on!

  3. nicely strung together... love d subtle undercurrent of passion...

    =) Cheers babe!

  4. Oh my...This brings back so many memories... :(

  5. @Niyara
    Ummm I sure am drugged!

    @ Rex Venom
    Thanx...for stopping by!

    @ Shimmer
    hey! cheers to you too!

    Supri...relax hon! everything will be fine!

  6. cudn read ur previous post cos it wasnt easy on my eyes ..too sleepy ryt now..will catch tht later..this one ws short and sweet..wud hv commented more bt man urs is th last blog i ll be readin and um shit sleepy..cheers..


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