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That thing called...

Beautiful Twilight,
Stars bright, up-
Luminescent clouds
cover the moon,
There, they have
been standing there,
long since noon.
Leaving imprints
on the sand, as
they walk.

Holding hands,
fingers entwined,
whispering sweet

Is this a dream?
I hope not, if
it is, i wont
wake them!

Sigh! that
thing called


  1. who is HE after all...who got u flummoxed and now this????????

  2. I was expecting this one! :D
    It was time u wrote about it! ;) hehe

    nicely written!


  3. :) nys...

    sounds like the ode to psyche where the poet doesnt want to wake up Cupid and Psyche entangled in love...


    thnx for droppin by!!!:)

  4. Was submitting and my net connection bonked...dunno if my thot go in or not...

    :) will get back to check

  5. nice lines...

    found ur blog thru another's...nice place u got here :)

  6. people have been complicating love so much that it was nice to see a poem which talks of love and the simple things it does to make life a lot better to live in.

  7. hey nice blog u have got....i m not poetic...still i admire people who write one....coz tats so difficult...lols..

  8. Good one

    Moment well captured. Liked the imagery.

    Keep it rollin;)

  9. hey!
    I am sherry and I have started a picture deication thread an my blog

    impressionist has dedicated a picture and a message to you at

    he is waiting for your reply
    take care

  10. Reminds me of Flying in a Blue Dream. :)

  11. Heyy this post is wonderful and blog is fantastic.

  12. Realization:

    We feel on the same lines...

    Beautiful poem! :)

  13. @Himanshu

    @impressionist got tht right!

    @d sinner
    ummmm thanks

    thanks for stopping by!

    @little boxes
    i agree...but then simple things are complex!


    i appreciate that!


    :) thanx

    thanks for stopping!

    :) :) :)

    :) :) :)

    @wildflower true!


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