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I am searching for;
She wasnt
in the mirror
this morning,
not at noon.
Did i loose her?

Is that a question?
Maybe, not sure.
Am not sure, if
I lost her in the
loo, maybe while
amongst thecrowd
in the
train last night.
Where, oh where

could she be?
Of this, mundane life,
of "get-up-work-eat-sit-
must have frightened her
too, like me.
Oh then, if your gone

dont come back, not
soon at least. fly off
some place,
alone you are;


Now i speak. You listen

( took up the tag from ziii)
I wish i could yell the exact words out loud (lolz) to my Head of department. I think she is a double faced..whatever. I am so tired of being nice...believe me its not a good trait (at least for me) I think Tom and Jerry is mad funny too. And that some idjits who think they provoke violence should learn to seperate cartoon and reality...yeah loosers get a life & to hell with MASS CULTURE!!!!
I love watching Lilo and stitch, thomas railway, oswald, kim possible. You do realise they are so much better than any soap on TV. And yeah, orkut is getting beyond boring. I'm grateful to blogspot to have found some cool and funky pals..lolz. I MEAN IT OK!
I vow never to work with an all women's institutuion. Well, this doesnt mean I dont feel for feminists. I think Shahrukh is amazing...( giggles..zii) Ummm, ok after doing this...i feel better!!!

Quiet outloud

Tis, very still now.An eerie calmnessi feel. Asleep yet,my mind is; the quietroom disturbs me.Tis all white. butnot a peaceful white. the quietness is quite loud,slowly getting to me,raising the hair on my neck.Tis, the thuddingof my heart i hearnow, so loud,it is intruding.Scream, yes iwant to. but cannotseem to.Tis, that i wantto run; i continueto sit still mind is dazed, yet.Tis, the stairs i seethat go round-and-round down there.i dont see an exit though,only the frightenedshadow of myself.Tis, the stairs i seegoing round-and-round down there,not even a miragethere and no exit.