What the F@#$...

Generally wednesdays and thursday are good days. I mean they are in the middle of the week...just right. Its a bit relaxed. Well, it was till last year.

I mean till this July at least. then SCM happened!!! Frankly they should add this to their website...BEWARE!!! lolz ok. SCM is what i am doing now and ...how! Actually why? No clue. So well, now that i am a part of this big bad media world, this course and especially my head of the dept plans to make us go through every thing in media and literally! So far we have completed a radio spot& a feature, a broadcast project, dramatic exercise,Journalism beat stories and are now working towards the magazine ( a whiplash!), an ad campaign, finally A DOCUMENTARY FILM!!!!
Well, thats not all. We have go through these hellish wednesdays and thursday to get on with this course. Wednesdays and thursdays because I belong to group 3 ( we call ourselves CRISIS_3) ok. So in a span of three hours ( 2 pm to 5 pm) we go through this...

Script..??? log book..shit incomplete= -1! Is she there yet? OH me gosh..we are so screwed! Script? whats tht? like watever...colour code? huh? da'uh! darn...i can so die. what about the structure? whats that again?
Nope. you cant go ahead.
your work is shabby, shoddy& blah..blah!
How messy and unorganised can you get?
Fucking nitwits!

5 pm:

the storm has died down. There is still an underlying sense of dread. Start to worry about the next wednesday again...the same all over again! yeah...what the fuck!


  1. Aww...poor Nikki! :D
    Dont worry, everything will be fine soon! :D


  2. Nothing feels worse to me than spending a day working and then realizing it's all crap.

    It makes the job that much more stressful and makes you more "on deadline" to come up with brilliance that much sooner.

    Best of luck every Wednesday & Thursday. I much perfer the ends and beginnings of weeks rather than the middles. But Sundays are just the worst...too much expectation to relax and jolt off the next morning.

  3. ohhhh :(

    All d best for next week..

    I understand..thats what happens to me
    all the timee!!


  4. Hope you're at least enjoying all the fun and hijinks with your coworkers. No...? Maybe...?

    In my most stressful jobs, I've made the closest friends. War buddies, I think they're called.

  5. Hey
    Me all good....
    whats up with ya...
    how u doin?

  6. I like the outburst. It never happens from you. I say do it more often!


    i like the word zilch.


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