I dont know what prompted me to write this post...but anyways read on...

One is by, of course..N. Well, for starters He calls me at an odd hour and thank god he called. Well, when he does, he is the only one who laughs...ok so this is what he said:

" Hey babes...always keep laughing like this ok. You know na whenever you wanna laugh...whom to call. I'll always make fun of you." ( And there i was thinking..this guy is soo sweet..wateva!)

OK, the next one was an accident or rather we were chatting...not N& me. My classmate D( she is gonna kill if she finds out) suddenly taks my notebook& scribbles something.

I read it...it says( how predictable!)

" I want P(the guys name..).....do something!"( like hell, she wont let me have his no...)

Lastly...this is the most ridiculous thing ever. I dont know what is achieved with this in the end but its disgusting. In our Mumbai Locals(trains) some one or rather some scoundrels scribble rubbish on the walls of the compartment.

Below is an example of it.( a decent one)



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