Of Bills..Part 2

i never knew that i would write about this again...and soon! ( mind you the first part was in May i guess)Well Hutch seems to have done it again.....what is that you might ask? Well change its name..what else!

First it was Orange then Hutch and now VODAFONE ( Essar still remains a partner). Even the colours keep changing, from orange( literally) to Pink...ewww& now the lovely tomato red(not mistaken i hope). Thankfully the icon remains the same...the "oh-so-cute" cuddly lil pug dog. Yeah well, he too does change his pink home for a red one.They are all over the place...well really the pug isnt so cute afterall, constantly being in your face. its like your doesnt or cant register more than an image frame..( how can it!).

Or maybe its just me all over again.thats true. its that time of the month again.....The BILL time(what else did u think of silly?) Here i am sleeping peacefully( hardly) till 7 am and beep..beep.you have a sms!

It says. Vodafone.

Opps..my mind goes on red alert..there after.

I pray a lil bit. Ummm if i correctly remeber the last months bill was even more disasterous& yeah i am not giving out any figures please.

Well, ok so go ahead and open the sms...disaster has struck me again..( ok you know...drama queen).I cant even screech coz that would wake my sis and she would have this evil grin..like babe you just died!

Phew...ok i cant do much and therefore..i go back to sleep. Now i am justtrying to ignore everything about it. But can i really? The bill boards.."HUTCH IS NOW VODAFONE" bombard me poor brain( actually me conscious too). Why does advertising have to go overboard everytime? or rather does Vodafone really need so many reminders or watever. Well, Heck the problem is mine and not theirs...

Well, i dont know what else to write. believe me i am not even trying to be funny.And i love dogs but i wont get me a pug now or ever..( maybe in future).

P.S- you realise i have forgotten my sense of punctuation too...that is te impact of..need i repeat..VODAFONE!


  1. Why do advertisers always seem to put animals in their advertisements---like we think that we'll think the company is nice and sweet like a pug?

    Um, it's Vodaphone so no phone company is EVER nice!

  2. Lols.. excellent post... poor lil thing.. i believe this dog has to constantly shift home.. its been doin de same for some tym.. They gonna paint its tongue red !! :P

  3. gonna paint its tongue red.. thats wat they've been doin :P

  4. hehe! I too got my bill yesteday! :P
    thank god it was not as bad as last month! :D Im totally empty this month, i donno how ill py minE! :(

    peace & love


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