A life time of love...

He had not known where she lived. No address, no full name...nothing. But that did not undermine his feelings for her. She was like a ray of sunshine in his bleak existence.

It was outside the train station in the early morning light, where he had seen her first. She was stunning....to him at least.

He had been blown away from that very moment, although he didn't want to admit it at first. But as the days went by, he could only think of her...and only her.

He wasn't sure when it would be time to eat or to play or to do anything. She occupied his mind completely. He then decided she was to be his life!

For there would be no one else ever again. So the hunt had begun. He had asked everyone through the alleys, markets and the corners of the near by streets. He did not know much about her. Surprisingly, she did not know anything about him. So what had made him so confident of going after her? It was that one look of hers...that one rainy afternoon.

At noon that day, the generous gods decided to pour down onto the earth. He was trying to avoid getting wet,ran into the nearby roof of a stall and thats when he saw her face to face for the first time. It were those beautiful amber-brown eyes and the beautifully long eye lashes through she shot him the look. He was mesmerised that instant!

That was all he needed to go after her...like he did.The rains had stopped after a few good moments, the gods had not been that generous to him. She left as she should have but then she had turned, looked at him once and disappeared. From there on, he was restless. He had to get her. He never went to church or else, he vowed he would have offered numerous prayers.

Suddenly, out of the blue, one of his friends from the alley took pity on him one day and gave him the directions to her home. It was sheer happiness that made him leap high up into the air and Oh! how he shouted in joy....the shopkeeper had to actually shoo them both away...

It was the lane after the old abandoned construction site. How silly of him...he thought, he should have had followed her home sooner.

He had known this place for a long time. But he still did not know her name. Or her address. It was a never ending lane..his patience wearing out. Then, as if he saw a sign from heaven up above, he saw her peeking out of the balcony window. Oh, how silly he thought! Ofcourse the prettiest balcony in the lane had to be hers. It seemed like a bower full of colourful blooms os yellow, pink and orange.
And there she was....her brown hair shined beautifully in the afternoon sun! Oh, he could die now...but no not now.

Maybe she had waited for this moment too. It was an unspoken understanding between them. In a few minutes she was down. They were across the street from each other and all of a sudden he was next to her.

Oh she was gorgeous...like always! That beautiful hair, pert lil nos& those lovely big brown eyes...... Then she, all of a sudden nuzzled his nose. He had waited for this moment always. Now she was his and he hers. Her collar said, her name was Candy. It was as sweet as a candy to his ears.

Candy+ Bruno= Lifetime of Love!!!

A passerby, saw them and exclaimed.." Oh what a lovely pair! Sad they are not of the same breed though..."

But they were oblivious to this remark and just content to be with each other. Whoever said a pooch and a lab dint make a wonderful pair...sure has to meet them.


  1. aunque no entiendo muy bien el ingles me gusta tu forma de escribir. un saludo

  2. lol! I never expected that ending!
    nicely done Nikki! :D

    peace & love

  3. Man...
    Had no clue..hows it gonna conclude..

    Nice read!!


  4. How wonderful! I loved it. Great twisty ending. Nice to see some prose - more, please.

  5. this story tells me that presumptions are unneccesary and should be avoided as they may not be true and they limit possibility

  6. @rajeev
    yeah i like surprises..hehee now u know y i like labs!

    hehe..like i said i love surprises!

    thanks for stopping by..love ur blog!

    yeah dont have any assumptions plzzz!

  7. Nice Blog! Gave you some fame as well!

  8. What! No sex? Not even a good old-fashioned i-eat-your-lips-you-eat-mine?

    Nose nuzzling. How dog-ish.

  9. awwww.... tht is definitely cute!!! loved it... btw im linkin u in my blog... hope u dont mind.. cheers!

  10. Great writeup!!!! Sometimes its better not to give names to any feelings or relations :)

  11. Adding ya.........

  12. hahaha...nice one...loved the twist :D
    My first time on ur blog...liked ur space...
    cheers! and happy diwali ! :)

  13. OH COME ON!!!! Did U write this???

    I thought this must be one of those sweet candyfloss stories like stranger than fiction, sweet november, ishq vishq and all tht stuff...this is lovely sarcasm!!!!

    had to re read the last part to make sure that I hadn't misread it...he he

    love it !

  14. ha ha ha ha ha - you naughty girl! You got me with this one... Although, I did think why did she write "her collar" instead of using name-tag ... :-)
    You are fun to read!

  15. Nice layout..How did you do it?
    BTW, i somehow guessed this immediately after two lines. Dunno hw..

  16. very well written loved it , you have gift of writing , awesome post.


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