Hallo, I came across Gene's blog when i read Erica's. And i think her idea is really kool and i am looking forward to do this.. if anybody wants to follow, please go over to Gene's blog http://sweatysocks2.blogspot.com

I would like to take a minute and build upon the warming the world through friendship idea that many bloggers recently participated in. We post on our blogs, get replies and post on other people's blogs, and over the course of time start to get to know each other a bit. We can guage the personality of another blogger through the words they type but wouldn't it be nice to get a little insight into what they really see when they look out their wondows? I was thinking we need to try and do something about that, so I decided to try and do something visual that we could all participate in.
Here's how it'll work:
1) On Saturday, October 20th, let's all make a post featuring pictures of where we live.
2) Try and take at least 10 photographs of your surrounding area and postem on your blog.
3) Make SURE you include a description of what each picture is. Give us as much detail as you can.
4) Sign up for the link
/a>">here , and place the links to the other participants on your page.
5) Comment on this post sayng you'll participate and I will include those links in the body of this post so that all you'll have to do is copy them and paste them onto your blog.
Sound simple enough?
I would love to see some pictures of whereever you live and I'm sure there are others who are of the same mindset. I'll leave this post up as a stick until then so make sure and sign up and start taking pictures!"


  1. i'd really like to tune back in to your blog to see more about your community. i may perhaps do this, it just seems like a hell of a lot of work!

    a true assignment.
    looking forward to yours!!!

  2. yesyes
    sign me up please...tho i dont have a camera with me or a scanner or anyhting USEFUL..but ill try..

  3. I can't wait to see the pics of where you live.

  4. well, since i dont have a camera, can i just have a look at where you people live?


    btw, nice blog. my first time here. hope to come back often.

    do drop by my blog sometime

  5. Love to see what you come up with!


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