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Umm ok, this may not seem very important. But i'm kind of missing mom. Ok to fill in the gap, my parents for the first time in many many years have left us( me& my sis) alone and are off for a lil holiday! Phew...
So back to the point, i am missing mum (dad too for that matter). Today while rummaging through all the rubbish that i have collecetd over the years, i found this, shiny card i had gifted my mum (eons ago).
I was in school and hardly ever got pocket money then. So this was the frst time i actually bought something for my mum on her birthday. The funny thing is, like i said i had no money i took some from her in the morning. Feeling very proud of the fact that i had some 150 bucks with me, manu& me went to get her something.
Green was my favorite colour then. And also when your in school, you like shiny stuff, which i did and my sister approved. So what did we buy? Hmmmm, well we bought this obnoxious shiny green colour nail paint and another shimmering pale blue like nail paint. Lastly, we got her a shiny card, lolz.
OK my dad was horrified. He was like yuck! ( now my dad is adorable, just that he is very practical) But i totally love what mom did. She actually wore them. She immediately wore that horrid green thing on her nails. And boy! she was beaming!!!
She was very happy. Ma even wore it to office next day, dad protested a bit though.
Well, you cant imagaine how embarassed i am now of that thing! But ma is like, it would break our hearts if she dint wear!
Isnt she amazing??? She is lolz.
Love ya!!!


  1. Awww...that was really sweet of ur mom!
    The first time i gifted my mom for her birthday was a watch I guess! it was just 300 Rs tho! :D I donno if she still has them! :P

    peace & love

  2. as a you wear green and blue on alternate fingers. buhh.

  3. hi niki

    how r u..sry for not being in touch ...

  4. What a sweet story. And that's exactly how moms are. Hope your parents are having a great vacation.

  5. you are tagged! go to my blog

    peace & love

  6. OK!
    @ Zii
    by the way zii, i do have a blue nail paint but its pretty! hehehe!

    @dream catcher:
    dont be sorry! how have u been?

    @ acire:
    Thanx. my parents are back! their trip was nice

    hallo! mums amazing really...

  7. moms are truly amazing in that way.

    i remember my mom's favorite food at the time was potato chips so i made her potato chip earrings. she still has them.

    absence makes the heart go fonder.

  8. awww... mom's are the best!!!.. u fight with them all through ur life but u know that ultimately they are the best!!.. dont know where i would be if it wasn't for mom!!..

  9. Thats damn cool and nice :)

    me all good..
    how r ya?
    ur folks back?

  10. I saved up and bought a Holly Hobbie kerosene lamp for my mom for Mother's Day when I was a girl. I thought it was the most delicate, precious thing. And my mom still has it, even though her tastes are more jungle/primitive/abstract sort of stuff.

  11. @jaildiet:
    mums are always fantastic..potato chip earings are soo cute!

    yeah i do fight a lot with her...but she is my best pal!

    i am good. when u updating?

    even my mums not into green..but what the hell! i am sure ur mum still has amazing memories of stuff u bought her!


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