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Hallo, I came across Gene's blog when i read Erica's. And i think her idea is really kool and i am looking forward to do this.. if anybody wants to follow, please go over to Gene's blog

I would like to take a minute and build upon the warming the world through friendship idea that many bloggers recently participated in. We post on our blogs, get replies and post on other people's blogs, and over the course of time start to get to know each other a bit. We can guage the personality of another blogger through the words they type but wouldn't it be nice to get a little insight into what they really see when they look out their wondows? I was thinking we need to try and do something about that, so I decided to try and do something visual that we could all participate in.
Here's how it'll work:
1) On Saturday, October 20th, let's all make a post featuring pictures of where we live.
2) Try and take at least 10 photographs of your…


Its over now forever.
It was the only one
we had of ustogether.
I found the torn
bits by the door.The edges were
gone. The images
remained, but
Its all blurred now,but it was whole once.
Yes blurred. That is the right word now. It was the only photograph they ever had of them, of them together. In all those years, all those five years of togetherness.They had all but one photograph of them together. It wasnt by far the greatest, but it had both of them together. He was the one who always took pictures. Pictures of her, in various forms, places etc. Actually the whole time she was with Mike, those beautiful moments they shared, he captured all of them. But it was just her in those pictures.
She knew, she couldnt keep him tied to her. However gentle he was with, in his heart he was like a wild horse. He yearned to be set free, to discover new places, to explore.But then, when you are so madly in love, you can always dream, rather hope...that he was yours completely. She was sure, he w…


Umm ok, this may not seem very important. But i'm kind of missing mom. Ok to fill in the gap, my parents for the first time in many many years have left us( me& my sis) alone and are off for a lil holiday! Phew...
So back to the point, i am missing mum (dad too for that matter). Today while rummaging through all the rubbish that i have collecetd over the years, i found this, shiny card i had gifted my mum (eons ago).
I was in school and hardly ever got pocket money then. So this was the frst time i actually bought something for my mum on her birthday. The funny thing is, like i said i had no money i took some from her in the morning. Feeling very proud of the fact that i had some 150 bucks with me, manu& me went to get her something.
Green was my favorite colour then. And also when your in school, you like shiny stuff, which i did and my sister approved. So what did we buy? Hmmmm, well we bought this obnoxious shiny green colour nail paint and another shimmering pale blue lik…


इंतज़ार नही करना चाहती
मगर दिल नही

हर घड़ी दर लगा रहता है,
अगर इंतज़ार नह करो
हर आहट से उम्मीद लगा
बैठी हूँ मैं, मगर दिल में
दर बैठा है।

अगर इंतज़ार नह करो
तोह? आंसूं सूख chuke
hai , दिमाग थक चूका है।
मगर में आस अभी है,
उसके आने कि।

लेकिन दर रहता है, इस
बात का, अगर इंतज़ार
नह करो तोह? और वोह
आये और बिन बताए
चले जाये?

तोह क्या हुआ, अब
आंखों में आँसू नही
आते, उसका इंतज़ार
तोह है।
कोई आहट उसकी
नही है, उम्मीद तोह