Is it just me?, thought I
Or is the world whirling past by me?
Or are people just swirling round and round in a crazy frenzy?
I do not know or do i? Or maybe i just cant understand.
What is it that you are heading for? I ask.
No one answers.
There are no answers.
There were no answers ever.
Then what was I looking for?
Again just nothing.
Nothing it is.
Absolutely nothing.
It was exactly like staring into the manhole.
Not being able to look at the dark bottom, not knowing of its depth.
Is it shallow? or really deep?
Who knows?
No one does.
Is there an absolute answer?
"Hmmmm", "could be", "maybe", "probably"
but never just "yes"!
Am i heading towards a dead end?
Who knows? not me!
I think i can, or do i know?
that i can see the beginning of
my Oblivion?


  1. there is one way of knowing the depth of unknown holes, you shove a person in it...then...judging by the time he has yelled for before you hear a thud, you can calculate the depth. zimble!

  2. go ahead
    melt into oblivion
    melt away
    you won't miss anything
    there's nothing here
    only pain and blood
    only sorrow and tears
    so just melt away forever
    into oblivion

    Nice poem! :)

    peace & love

  3. We all try to find out so many mysteries of life, we have so many questions, but seldom does we get the answers we seek for, still there is an unknown beauty in the crave to know more about the mysteries...we just head into the unknown...isnt it!....lovely words!

  4. This is my favorite line from the poem:
    "I do not know or do i?"
    The poem's narrator may know more than she's willing to accept.

    I love Zii's calculations for determining depth!

  5. always difficult for me to make a decision.
    this poem really captures that hesitation.

    what will be my consequences if i choose this...or that?

    thanks for putting it into a new perspective!

  6. absoluteness...ha ha no one can define..rather no one wants to..infact u urself..n unless anything is absolute the oblivion shall prevail...
    the mark..the sign of it embeds in the fear we carry..as always...

    break urself..n u shall know...

  7. Great Work...

    hope the " YES" comes..always withouit any doubt!

  8. hey..
    me not been very goood!
    how r ya?


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