Paper sail boats...

the sky was grey far up
-ahead. Little cotton ball
like clouds were slowly
re-appearing. Faint rays
of sun beam danced at my
window sill, dampness

A cheerful chatter arose
from down, near my gate.
There were five of them.
All little. Rosy cheeked,
bright excited eyes,
clappinghands, Little hands.
Youwish they were yours.

Suddenly there is a silence.
A worried silence. When you
look, you see they were waiting
for their little paper sail boat
to reappear. It did not.You knew
it would not. Like your child-
hood did not.

Then, one jumps up and the
other follows. All do then.
It had re appeared afterall.
Bright little eyes sparkle,
cheeks redder than ever,
Chubby smiles, that you could
die for.

Sometimes, there is more to grey skies,
that can make you smile.


  1. waow! awesome! u really notice a lot .

    i remembr doin al dat whn i ws rly small ... lolz but its a gr8 poem!

  2. Beautiful..........
    Yeah that was a moment of silence...u almost miss a beat or two....and get it back when it re appeared..
    beautifully captured in words...

    ( btw that sulphur fall in D'doon is real nice the place)

  3. This has so much tension in it! I nearly held my breath along with the little sail boaters. I really like these lines:

    "clappinghands, Little hands.
    Youwish they were yours."

  4. True Indeed.. Very Nostalgic.. Reminded me of all those days..

  5. dis one is really kewl..

    i used to do it when i was kids ... sounds really goood !!

  6. I had a sinking feeling going through this one....

    The kid-rony took over...........

    I'm still waiting 4 my boat..

    The sailor is laughing at me....

    They call Him The Almighty...

    They call it The Eternal Voyage...

    But i want my boat back......

    Those hands are mine.......

    mine mine mine..........

    U owe me a hug for this piece....

    This one is far better than the other ones............

    Let ur boat be the Unsinkable one...

    - iRONY

  7. wow. i really really like this one.

    a lot.

  8. Mine always sank. Great write!!

  9. I've given you a blog award on Jail Diet!

    Come by to redeem your blogger pink banner!

  10. so beautiful...n so sweetly put..loved the description of clouds n the kids..
    imaginations so perfect !!!

  11. nice poem but a bit confusing

  12. Hi dear,

    beautifully captured the emotions..each and every word is sparkling with the glow of innocence and childness..

    God bless you & Take care

  13. thanx for coming...its an honour :)


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