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For you...sweetheart!

Where do I begin?

There are about a trillion things going through my mind right now!!!!

The person i am talking about here, is my best friend here. Actually the bestest ever, if thats not a word, it doesnt matter to me.

We met for at the most likely place and missed eachother before at the most unlikely places! lolz I met her in class 9th. She used to sit in the last bench and the most common factor binding us was that we both laughed a lot. Oh yeah there were other factors too, though for her only lolz. She loved eating the bhindi ki sabzi( lady finger) from my tiffin, which i hardly ate in school. The one best thing i always liked about her that she has and is, very easy going(with me).

Funny, as it is. we never became great friend instantly. It took a while and did us good. We werent together in our 10th grade, seperate classes& all. We kept in touch though. Well, during vacations we were the only ones who were left alone here in mumbai& hence got close.

Co incidently we got similar marks in our boards(am not giving any details abt tht). We chose different colleges& all. Another wonderful thing about her (me too) is that we dint have to go about telling people that we are best friends. We just are. She, especially her, has grown into a wonderful person, a little different from what i knew in school.
We have had our shares of ups and downs. Got into relationships within a few months of each other and broke up similarly too. Lolz. Our baby pics look similar too! hahahahaha....
OK now for the differences. I dont think we have really fought but yes we do think quite differently. She is honest& blunt to the point of death. She is an ice cream person. Loves babies& hates dogs, lolz.
She is like this silly girl who gets hyper, emotional & upset for just nothing at all. She is just my opposite. I havent met or shall i say i dont know anybody who doesnt like her. She is the life of her group. Bubbling over with excitement.
And the most amazing thing about her is that i dont really call her everyday but when i do, she knows whats coming. She just knows me too well.
When people ask me about my friend circle, she is the only one i mostly talk about. Its like a mirror within us. She looks into me& sees all. Sometimes just one great friend is enough.
And Ancel, is that wonderful friend of mine.
Well, why am i writing this? Lolz, actually this is her b'day present( lolz am sooo cheap!!!). Though am a day late. Forgive me darling please.....
Happy belated birthday sweety!
P.S. I am sooo tempted to give out details from my lil black diary....hehehehehe!!!


  1. what a sweet gift to write to your best friend. :o)

  2. Hey this was a wonderful gift to ur friend...
    Really greatto see you have a friend like this one

  3. Happy birthday to your best friend! Friends really do brighten the day.

    She's really lucky to have you as a friend.

    You're both really pretty, too...

  4. awww!! thats so sweet..u reminded actually about my friendship..
    though m now away from everyone..:(

    n she is beautiful ;) something is really common between u two..:)

  5. Happy belated birthday sweety !

    as sweet as Cheeni Kum.......

  6. cute post girl...
    & childhood best friends continue to remain best matter what!!!

  7. Awww...This is the best birthday gift, Does someone need a better gift than this one!?
    and like my fren DC said, U two have anotheer thing in common! She is pretty just like ya! :)
    Im not gonna wish ur fren here now, its way too late early to wish her for her next year birthday! ;) hehe :D
    I hope u girls stay this way for infinity and beyond! :)

    peace & love


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