Through the Kaleidoscope......

Through the Kaleidoscope...

Acceptance has come at last. It is the strangest of all feelings.

When you feel you need it the most, it doesnt come or maybe you dont feel it. It takes its own sweet time.I am glad that its here to stay now. I am tired of constantly fighting the urge in me to pick up the phone , call him& just speak a few words.

I cant do it. It will passify him if i call and then again life will be a mess.I had felt it long back, the shitty mess i was getting into deeper and deeper by the day. But humans have the tendency to constantly hope for something better. I wished for the same.
It never happened though.

I am happy i am out of it and hopefully he is happy too.

The bitterness is slowly leaving me. Every little thing then, seemed to be an excuse. Not any more.
I feel light, relieved.Then again there is so much to look forward to but not with him.
Emotions are like the reflections from a kaleidoscope.

I dont know what i feel or experience next. I guess, everything is essential. It lets you grow.

I think i have grown up now.

I dont cry anymore.

The chapter has finally closed.


  1. That was beautifully written girl..
    can perfectly understand wot u mean.. n m glad u have moced on..

  2. healing always takes time. we really do go through so many emotions when we heal.

    you're a trooper! and all the more stronger for it!


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