OK my sister is taking driving lessons. Today will be her second day at driving. Dad took her to get the admissions done. She has chosen the same car as ours to learn on. The hitch is when does she get to practice?

Dad drives to work daily. So sunday seems a good day na...sure! Well, not really because here lies the real hitch. heheheh! My dad loves his car. Well that goes for almost any man. But then its my dads car. I learnt to drive too, two years ago though.

The eligibility to get a driver's license is 18 yrs. That was three years ago. After constant nagging and promises(false) me got enrolled at the driving class. I said false promises because i was promised the car by dad, so that i could practice& hence take it out on the road.
Men love their cars, is a fact& my dads love for his car is annoying.
I remember pleading(thn forcing) him to let me drive after 15 classes. I drove at a speed of 20(i never went beyond that). He sat next to me and that was the only time , i think i saw my father being so tensed. He had a hand on the gear and the other one was out...warning ppl :" Arre learner hai, side mein ho jao!". I assured him ..."Pa i know how to shift gears"
He gulped"OK". If he could, then i think he would actually drive the car from the other side...lolz

We never uttered a single word. Me feeling giggly, a lil nervous& my dad awaiting for something to go wrong. OK nothing happened. But my dad looked as if he had been constipated for days.
Then at the end of the lane i had to reverse. I think he went beserk then.
He got down& he was like :" thats enough for one day!"
But i wanted to& so i did. As soon as i got off the drivers seat..the colour came back to his face...PHEW!!!!
Another time...after i got my license, Dad let me park( i forced him) the car in the building. Well that was the last time i ever drove the car. Well my dad dint exactly confuse me with the directions...I rammed the car traight into the wall!
OH ME GOSH!!!!(hehehehe..u know me!)
He could have hit me...but just yelled& yelled!!
You when i get real nervous, i start to giggle( read laugh out loud!)
That was the last straw. Hmmmmm....he dint say much & the car was badly hurt( my dads third child).
Anyways my sis has been promised the same things by dad but i know wats in store( i love his smug expression)
Lets see what happens. lolz as for me...i will have to learn all over again now. :(


  1. goin thru the exact same thing..seriously im not begging pleading and crying with my dad to let me drive his car but without any sucess...

  2. Oh my god! You hit your dad's baby (the car!).

    laughing really does come out when there is nothing to say and your brain can't function and you want to just run away.

    good luck to your sister. she'll need it.

    driving in india, i hear, is pure insanity...everyone just goes and it's like mass chaos!


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