Boxed memories....

Stray papers strewn on the floor
Stale smoke fills the air,
Dim lights throw shadows
from underneath the door,
the locked door, she stares at.

Its over she knows,
Over since a long time.
She wanted to cry
He remained imperturbed.

Her boxes had been packed
Packed with her stuff,
with her memories of him and
of her with him, the love that they
had. Of inumerous kisses& hugs

They were all packed now.
Stuffed in the boxes to be
a thing of her past.

Some heavy, some light
She dint fit there anymore.
The silence was unbearable
She knew she had to leave now...


  1. "Boxed Memories" reminds me of the Pandora's box.That damn box is the origin of all these boxes.The girl has been suffering for far too long...i hope that the next blog shows her the eternal path of Hope....well written(as usual)....
    God bless u.....lagey raho...
    -- i RONY

  2. "Dim lights throw shadows
    from underneath the door,
    the locked door, she stares at."

    Really strong. This packed a hard wallop when I got to these lines. After the tone of suspension from the first two lines, these bring the poem into a different level of emotion.

    Did you ever consider hopping aboard the Poetry Train on Mondays? I can't link you here because my old computer at home is not fast enough to process any linkage. But on my blog sidebar, check out From My Brain to Yours. Rhian does a poetry train and it's wonderful. I never miss a Monday!

  3. Dont want to add anything..Its just complete!


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