OK so here are three kind of men i did like to date. lolz If not them then sure somebody whose a Matthew Mcc meets Matt meets Bond! hehehhee

Matthew Mcconaughey, Oh me gosh! i totally adored him in How to Loose a guy in ten days!! Perfect guy....for me atleast lolz.

Matt damon. He may not be very good lookig but i love him! Hell, yeah i totally love him!! lolz! Theres no doubt he was amazing in Bourne supremecy& Bourne identity!

OK This here is Daniel Craig, the new James Bond. Lolz I am totally drooling over him, i could drown in stark blue eyes...Ooooohhhhhhh, hehehehe(droooooolllllll)


  1. i always prefer the old geezers in films. ben kingsley is hot. anthony hopkins is hot.

    or dorks, i always love geeks with glasses. like rainn wilson and jeff goldblum.

  2. Oh no!! not back to gurly stuff..
    where did my poet disappear :(

  3. no girls for me to drool upon? :D anyway...has someone pestered to write more and stopped visiting? :)

  4. band, gems baand.
    bum wax has got a synonym too?:D i did not know! enlighten me!

  5. baand, gems baand.
    bum wax has got a synonym too? :D i did not know! enlighten me?


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