"11:33,Andheri Local to CST"

He stood there barefeet, his eyes
searching a little girl bye
his side,
holding onto his torn sleeve;
Amidst the hustle-bustle, he
sang his song, lyrics out of tune
just like what he seemed himself there.

His little eyes bright, full of wonders
sweet boy, i felt pity;
begging for alms, the little girl goes
I wonder should i?
Or maybe i shouldnt!
But it doesnt matter,
If not me then somebody


  1. Just love the way it flows..
    Reminds me so much of Oliver Twist.

    Really admire ur power of observation n morever put it down in such beautiful words..

  2. "his eyes
    searching a little girl bye
    his side"

    I like these lines. Very nicely placed to increase the impact.

  3. Hi, nice blog design. Thanks for your comment! yes my uncle does have a good heart :) I was surprised to hear he bought his wife a house after she had left him...

    Anyway, I enjoyed this poem too :) Nice work.

  4. hey evn i go thru this sumtyms .. king circle to cst btw i nevr giv i gave food 1ce or twice ...btw nevr money ... they buy rong stuff right ? btw coooooooool oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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