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It really is stupid of me to attend to them or even encourage them to continue to do so. It is not always in their happy times that they remember me. Well who wants to talk to an agony aunt when they are happy?Nah, not them!!! Hmmm, hence they call me only when is really wrong, that they so want to make it right or sometimes it is soo right that its too good to be true!

Its never in person you know, but these phone calls that drive me crazy. I do like to talk, rather i can be the most talkative but maybe its the hour of the night that they choose to makes calls, drives me mad!I am disgusted with these phone calls. Nah not to exchange pleasantaries(they never even ask me what i may be doing) but to pour their heart out to me. Its either about their "oh-so-cute-boyfriends" or "my-i-so-wish-i-was-dating-her/him".

Funny isnt it? Not really almost always.Mostly its my cousin brothers who call me at odd hours(read or later)and dont hang up till dawn!!! And normally they are so drunk!!! Under normal circumstances they are wonderful brothers, fun to be with& caring. But at these times i feel like just hanging up on them....but still i dont.

Sometime back,(6 months) C(my cuz bro) called me at the time mentioned above. He was naturally drunk. I think he could see 4 instead of two. But then he had me to talk to.I could barely make out what he is saying but then it was important to him. Apparently he had been crazily in love with some chic in his college. He had tried everythig...chocolates, flowers, writing poetry& gibberish! Well, she did agree.

But then comes the sad (hilarious) part. She turns out to be a maniac!! lolz, she was a wannabe Indian idol contestant with no visible or rather audible singing skills at all. Hehehe...!!! But then when you have such a sweet, loving, caring boyfriend, you could always ask him to praise you nevertheless!! She did exactly the same. Whenever he called, she would sing(croak) and then ask him to make a judgement. Sadly it always had to be in her favor!

This continued for 3 whole months. By this time my brother was desperately searching for ways to get rid of her& yeah well, now she's history.Another time, C, again cried his heart out to me. Telling me about how he had fallen in love with a chic call P. Lolz he was soo upset that he couldnt get her.

Here comes the sadest& the silliest part, where i should absolutely put an end to such untimely calls. A few days later when i do get a chance to mention this to cousin, he royally snubs me. Firstly, he doesnt remember a thing about whatever he said or did. There was never a girl called P in his life( he did agree abt the first girl tho). And that i was making up stories!!!Phew...irritating isnt it?

I wrote this because this has begun all over again. Though not with the same brother but with the younger one. He called me last night at 3:15 am( i was soo engrossed in reading) and then started laughing, giggling more like it. Well, he just called me to let( how sweet of him) me know he was soooooo totally drunk!!!

He said he had, had 11& half (am not sure of the measure) beers...and that all his friends were drunk!!!UFFFFF!!!! He hasnt called me back. I think he would agree with me that he did say all this. I swear i havent made up any of the above.

And yet C blames me for cooking up stories!!!


  1. so i guess i can call u up too whenever i decide to get drunk.
    i dread the day when u start writing about me.


  2. In America, we call this "drunk dialing" --it means that the person is drunk, never remember what they say, they say stupid things, and never care about the person who they are talking to (and clearly wasting their time!).

    It's hard to be sympathetic to people at times--I say you politely talk to them for a short time, then tell them you must get some sleep and then let them go. They won't remember anyway. And besides, it does get very draining to never be able to talk about your own problems because you are too busy always listening to their problems.

  3. hey sugarbabe.... i really liked ur blog& the way u write. its funny & yet innovative. thank god they made vodka... no we can do stuffs and jus blame it on the drinks...the next day...

    keep up the good work niki....kudos

  4. Hey, i just remembered tat day, wen i was almost drunk, n iwas goin on messagin u..
    lol i don even rem wot i was messagin..

    BTW funny post, cuz the buck is not on me ;)

  5. Nikita u are not happens to me too!!!!if its not my elder brother its my elder cousin crying bout her stupid boyfriend..and have u noticed..these "drunk dailing"... as jail diet has so kindly informed us..always are bout love...???


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