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They make it to so hard for us(me& my sis) to live up to their standards.

I am talking about my parents.

My dad is right behind me, bickering over my dirty window panes....moms in the kitchen doing something(she doesnt cook!).
Nothing much is happening. Its 8:30 am and i am awake, which is phenomenal..lolz. They both work and yeah these days they leave together(my mom gets a car ride till the station). The water connection in the kitchen and their bedroom is stalled due to some building repair work, so everything is being done in my bathroom. Not that i mind...even if i do, well cant do do much abt it. Mom is forever fussing that dad spends too much time in the loo or he's fussing about her sleeping too much. Signs of old we say.
But thats not all. They might yell(happens sometimes now) at eachother or a cold war that doesnt last more than a few mins more but they are TOGETHER!!
My dad has an annoying habbit of reading out the news before anybody else can. Even if mum is reading something else he will interupt her. This happens everyday but they still sit together to read the news paper. She decides& colour co-ordinates his clothes, hands him his kerchief, the comb& all that.He makes her tea every sunday morning. Whenever he can, he gets things she likes to eat.She is yelling again. He is the calm one, she is hypersensitive. He loves shopping for her sarees and she for his shirts. She would wear even the saree which the least pretty looking, because my dad got her. New clothes are only to be worn when they go out together. She follows him like a lamb.He will stay up to watch football matches and everytime his favorable team goals, he'll waker her up.
They work at two different ends of the city(literally), call up atleast thrice in the day out of no reason. On sundays she cooks him all his favourite bong dishes without even him telling. He is an over protective father and she is a friend. They may be sulking(mostly mom) but still would hang around each other.She loves dancing and he has two left feet, yet he will accompany her to the dance floor and just be there. Just this morning, they shared the same dye(hair colour) solution.
These are little things. Very everyday to them and to us. But all things are very essential.Its not perfect but then thank god! its beautiful.
No. Today is not parents day or their anniversary or anything. Its just that i am awake and yeah i can see them going about, fussing, chatting& yeah yelling. its fun.

I'm blessed!!! TOUCHWOOD.....


  1. Lovely..i just loved ure post...really well written..

  2. felt it touchy for i kind of share that kind of relationship with JP

  3. wow. your parents sound amazing.

    a perfect pair. i love those little things that husbands and wives do for each other, even if it is bickering or complaining or odd, but those little things make the relationship what it is, i believe.

  4. haha! they say marriages are made in heaven!
    well, I guess ur parents' marriage really was! :D nice post!
    nicely written! :)

    peace & love


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