Bubbling over...

N called me early in the morning(odd hour), sure i was fast asleep!!! Hmmmffff....lolz.
Then we met online at say 3 pm.(slept till afternoon).
Now N is buying himself a bike. As i had mentioned in my earlier blog(JLT) due to his mum's beliefs he booked the bike only on monday this week( other days last week were inauspicious, you see). Hence the bike is being delivered by today evening.
In my adult life, that is from the past 3 years, i dont remember being so excited about something...lolz. Usually N is matured lolz, atleast on the surface but then there's a kid in of us. He has been mentioning his "would be bike" a few times this week in our chats or phone conversations. He seemed really excited today though! He was counting hours....last he told me was like 18 more hours to go and she'll (the bike, silly) be mine!!!! Hahaha...surprisingly with guys their gadgets or cars , yeah bikes too are almost always a "she". Ditto for him.
Ok, he called me last evening and yes we spoke about his BIKE!!!! Sadly i am not sure of which brand it belongs to...assuming yamaha, shiny black& sexy(to him). He also mentioned something like he has been daydreaming about him riding his bike in the rains , lolz, N said:"Bas maine aur meri bike!"(just him & his bike) lolz hahahaaha!!!!
N has always wanted a bike, drove a car back home in mumbai.
The hitch is:
He doesnt have a driving licence here as he is currently in Bangalore. hence has to first apply for that.
Secondly after the down payment( plzz forgive me N), he is almost broke so he cant buy an helmet lolz. Helmet is a compulsion(thank god for laws!!)

Lolz the best and the funniest part is, he said he doesnt or wouldnt want to dream about anything tonight(not even his beloved would be bike!) Because dreaming would cause him anticipation and yes that would lead to lack of sleep and then weariness...lolz. (read gurgles of laughter& fits of gigles)
Phew...so she is gonna be there tomorrow finally after a whole agonising week(his words).
Hmmmm have fun N and please dont kill me for this.
I am just being honest.

P.S: I need a bike's pic..so N wud u be kind enough to post me the pic and yeah am sure you'll be posing with her soon!!!


  1. dunno whether i should b angry or should b laughin.. but seriously speakin, it was funny..was laughin throughout.. MAN! i should b careful from now onwards wotever i tell u :P but it was nice, full post on me... wait for the day i get back!!! lol

  2. at first i was like, "a bike" as in with two wheels and a seat and a little bell or horn-- not a motorcycle. so that was really funny to discover what it really was as i read deeper and deeper into the story.

    can you believe helmets are not required by law here in illinois?

    and i remember my husband saying all the time when he was in india about "inauspicious" days. on days we are feeling auspicious we shower our indian gods with honey and elephants and marigolds and put spices on their bindis...

    thanks for the well-wishes for tonight.
    hope you don't get ANOTHER 3 AM call.


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