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Some men never think of it

You did. You'd come along

And say you'd nearly bought me flowers

But something had gone wrong.

The shop was closed. Or you had doubts-

The sort that mind like ours

Dream up incessantly. You thought

I might not want your flowers.

It made me smile and hug you then.

Now I can only smile.

But,look, the flowers you nearly bought

Have lasted all this while.

By Wendy Cope

Bubbling over...

N called me early in the morning(odd hour), sure i was fast asleep!!! Hmmmffff....lolz.
Then we met online at say 3 pm.(slept till afternoon).
Now N is buying himself a bike. As i had mentioned in my earlier blog(JLT) due to his mum's beliefs he booked the bike only on monday this week( other days last week were inauspicious, you see). Hence the bike is being delivered by today evening.
In my adult life, that is from the past 3 years, i dont remember being so excited about something...lolz. Usually N is matured lolz, atleast on the surface but then there's a kid in of us. He has been mentioning his "would be bike" a few times this week in our chats or phone conversations. He seemed really excited today though! He was counting hours....last he told me was like 18 more hours to go and she'll (the bike, silly) be mine!!!! Hahaha...surprisingly with guys their gadgets or cars , yeah bikes too are almost always a "she". Ditto for him.
Ok, he called me last even…

Small Packages....

I am turning insomniac. I havent slept the second night in a row. Well i guess it serves my writing purpose the best.
The lack of sleep is gonna get me one of these days!!!(:P)
Manu is sleeping on my right side, on her bed. She sleeps straight. They say, your an inch taller while you sleep. So that would make her almost 5'8 or more maybe. It wouldnt make any difference to me because i sleep( that is, if at all!!!) curled up like a ball of wool.
Nah, this is not about my or Manu's sleeping postures.
Where height is concerned, I do not even remotely resemble anybody close to my father's family. I am just 5'2.
Just the other day I was talking to an online pal of mine. He asked me about my height and I said,
" I am tiny, just 5'2"
He chuckled, "oh ok, Miss shorty. But seriously you dont look that short in your pictures! hehehe..."
I just "lolz'ed" back.
It didnt piss me off this time. Actually it hasnt in a while but it would have some 5 yrs b…


They make it to so hard for us(me& my sis) to live up to their standards.

I am talking about my parents.

My dad is right behind me, bickering over my dirty window panes....moms in the kitchen doing something(she doesnt cook!).
Nothing much is happening. Its 8:30 am and i am awake, which is phenomenal..lolz. They both work and yeah these days they leave together(my mom gets a car ride till the station). The water connection in the kitchen and their bedroom is stalled due to some building repair work, so everything is being done in my bathroom. Not that i mind...even if i do, well cant do do much abt it. Mom is forever fussing that dad spends too much time in the loo or he's fussing about her sleeping too much. Signs of old we say.
But thats not all. They might yell(happens sometimes now) at eachother or a cold war that doesnt last more than a few mins more but they are TOGETHER!!
My dad has an annoying habbit of reading out the news before anybody else can. Even if mum is…

Reality check...somebody?

Its beginning to get me all over again!!!
First it was channel V if i remember correctly....remember Viva& asma?
Then now its the third season of Indian Idol(bloody copy cats) and the god knows which season of sare gama pa!!
There are all here to make it big!! Win a huge price money with a singing contract & stuff. But then wat after tht? Nothing much really. I remember following The indian idol season where Abhijeet Sawant won the contest, got an album removed& yeah, he got famous. Then comes the very irritating, Fame Jodi! Again, Rooprekha& Qazir(read he bleats actually) won. I think they are back to their respective hometown now! "One year of fame", isnt it?
Then comes the flop album followed by an equally quick disappearing act! thats not all, they always plan a comeback season. I remember my sister being glued to the television(as long as there are ppl talking& moving on the screaan, she can sit thru it) for an hour watching these bloody reality shows. M…


I spoke to N today...yeah am the "Agony aunt" to everyone....but no he doesnt call me at odd hours. MY buddy he is!!! We talked a lot...random stuff, he wants a bike but his ma is superstiious. He's a sweet guy. Well all this apart, he said he doesnt like me being sarcastic. Really i cant help it sometimes. It just happens and yeah it does give me a wicked sense of happiness. Hmmmmm, its just my alter ego talking here. My mind is whirling and all the demons of my past are suddenly in my room( met a few in my last yr too!)
I thought i was going to write something really funny but now i cant think of anything. I am feeling low. I met him& hence i am feeling even worse( not N) . I feel like snapping at everybody..lolz.
P.S( this is utterly stupid& mindless. If u dont wanna read, dont do so)
Like the above...I'd rather not...1) kill the bitch in my lit class, who totally snubbed me in the canteen after i promised to help her....ugggggghh!!! I've just realised sh…
It really is stupid of me to attend to them or even encourage them to continue to do so. It is not always in their happy times that they remember me. Well who wants to talk to an agony aunt when they are happy?Nah, not them!!! Hmmm, hence they call me only when is really wrong, that they so want to make it right or sometimes it is soo right that its too good to be true!
Its never in person you know, but these phone calls that drive me crazy. I do like to talk, rather i can be the most talkative but maybe its the hour of the night that they choose to makes calls, drives me mad!I am disgusted with these phone calls. Nah not to exchange pleasantaries(they never even ask me what i may be doing) but to pour their heart out to me. Its either about their "oh-so-cute-boyfriends" or "my-i-so-wish-i-was-dating-her/him".
Funny isnt it? Not really almost always.Mostly its my cousin brothers who call me at odd hours(read or later)and dont hang up till dawn!!! And nor…

40 Things...(& a lil more...)

(this is not my original idea..i stole it from a fellow blogger who doesnt wish to be named..lolz. But wat the heck..its soo much fun!!!)

so here goes,

40 Things.
1. Height?
am petite...5'2

2. Have you ever done heroin?
nah...would never try either!

3. Do you own a gun? goes grrrrrrr..tish tish!!!!!(lolz)

5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments?
oh yeah sure do....i am dentophobic too!(thts my own word!)

6. What do you think of hot dogs?
i dont think about them at all.

7. What's your favorite Christmas song??
Dashing thru the snow....only if i am getting christmas presents

8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning?
am an coffee addict!

9. Is your bathroom clean?
yeah...i'd have to dad has an ocd for cleanliness

10. What's your favorite piece of jewelry?(or accessory)
My mums given me this...a pair of jhumkas set in dull gold, with turquiose blue stones& with white pearls

11. Do you like painkillers?
yes....only if they kill the person causing …


The night has a thousand eyes,
And the day but one;
Yet the light of the bright day world dies
With the dying sun.

The mind has a thousand eyes,
And the heart but one;
Yet the light of a whole life dies
When the love is done.

By F. W. Bourdillon