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Poor Hr....

Hi there...have u ever taken anybody's interview? yes?no? well anyways i did this summer....worked as an Hr exec.(was very proud of meself..lolz) dozens of ppl came in for interviews almost everyday.Well we followed a pattern...asking question..GD's& P.I's.

"wat is ur favourite colour?" of the questions asked, guess it sounds like an easy one but read on further to be tickled with surprises...
My favourite colour is pink....(boy) cause my girlfriend likes pink*& i suit in it.

My fav colour is red cause my gurlfriend wear red every sunday& she looked beautiful in it.well now asked wat if she plans to wear any other colour? applause to the devoted B/f, his colour choices wud change too!..wats in a colour ha!
My fav colour is green cause the colour of leaves is green & it cools my eyes.yawwwwwwwnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!
My fav colour is Black( this ones my fav too..the reply)..because i looks good in it, also bec…
I got the news during the study leave, just after my second english paper.But I hardly paid any attention. I couldnt place her, who she was? did i interact with her at all? or have i even seen her in class?Sam told me that she was in the same division as me but i still could remember wat she looked like. Now this isnt the first time something like this was happening. We keep hearing about some or the other student who ends or tries to end his/her life before their results.You know, its a common thing now...maybe a trend but still it is very dificult to register that somebody you knew could kill themselves. We brush it off saying, it was a sad but stupid thing to do. It is easy to say because we dont really know these dead people in reality.

Sam too couldnt believe she could do this as they knew each other for the past five years. They had bunked classes together, played pranks and done everything that you'd expect a bunch of mischievious teenaged girls to do. Suddenly one of them …


Phew...., all gibberish!

What i am exactly feeling now is nothing, absolutely nothing!!!! Atleast thats all i can say. My exams are done. I am a free bird. For all the planning& promises i made to myself.....suddenly i find myself absolutely clueless. First i did not have the time and now i have ALL the Time!!!!

Lolz. Its so funny but all i want to do is sulk! sleep, eat(hog!), sleep again....thats about it! I guess i have sent my message through, because i am sure i' gonna be laughing at myself later today....maybe its just a mood swing.

Lolz suggestions anybody?