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Hallo there!
well i recently chanced upon meeting a very sweet Tif! well her blog jail diet is extremely innovative, so plzzz anyone reading this , check her out!( hmmmm, coming to the point, she recently invented this interview thingy for pp who regularly visit her blog& all tht...well she interviewed me!(i begged her too). so here go....

Today kicks off my Jail Diet Wants To Interview You series.My first interview is devoted to Jail Diet reader, Nikita from her blog,
Ire... (also known as "Disillussioned & Dazed"). Our interview took place via email on March 27, 2007.

Nikita,You are a blogger, at what website can we find your blog?
Well it may sound weird but i like blogging coz i people dont really know u in reality, so the judging part is less. well i have a blog on msn spaces too.

Your blog is very new. However, all of your posts are very introspective and reflective. What was your impulse to start a blog?
Hmmm, well i have recently been thru a break up, i guess u guessed as much. well i am loner. I am not very expressive in front of people. Also now blogging helps me to voice my opinion & feelings.

Your blog states that you live in Mumbai, India (Bombay—to Americans). My husband’s mother did her doctoral dissertation on female flute players and spent a great deal of time in India. I hear that Mumbai is beautiful—and also quite the entertainment center. What’s your favorite part about living in such a busy and lively city?
Mumbai is the best city in the world! lolz, i cant stay anywhere else i feel. its fast. there's nothing that u dont here.Its colourful. Its diverse. Its wonderful! do come to visit sometime. its the capital of bollywood& actually everything in india.

I know this is absolutely cliché, but I love Bollywood films. The music is fantastic and gives everyone a little something—love, war, risk… I loved the 3-hour Lagaan! It would be great to get some film (any genre) recommendations…can you list a few of your favorite films?
hmmm hehehe! well lagaan was longer than 3 hrs & an awesome film. I would suggest Hum aapke hai kaun, Kabhi kushi kabhi gam, kuch kuch hota hai, salaam e ishq...all very colourful& typical bollywood masala. Also Rang de Basanti, its an awesome film. Then try Paheli too...all magic& puppets.

Your post “Memoirs of Classroom no. 6” is so beautifully written, I feel like I’m right there in the class with you! What exactly did you study while at college?
well am giving my graduation exams now. I chose to do Full english majors(shakespeare to modern british lit& poetry). Our class was amazing...juss 24 of us & wonderful professors. MY college is a girls college, Sophias in mumbai. Itsa old castle. its a lovely palce to be& has a lovely campus. I am glad u enjoyed reading classroom no.6.

Indians are known for having the most colorful and beautiful way of dressing—many fabrics have intricate beading and designs. My mother-in-law owns several salwars. Do you own one? If so, please describe your favorite.
hmmm yeah we do dress very fancily! lolz but on a day to day basis i am in a normal jeans & t shirt. On occassions i love wearing salwats & sarees. I have this lovely baby pink& fushia pink salwar kameez in shiffon with karachi mirror work. its very pretty& my current favourite. My mom is a proud owner of many beautiful silk sarees.

My blog is called Jail Diet—for when I am feeling phobic and eat only bread and water—so, I must ask you about food. Say that I am coming over to your home for breakfast, what would we eat and drink together?
hmmm well i belong to cross cultures..east&west. My mom is a gujrati & dad a bengali. so we have a mix of both.If ur coming for breakfast, then in homemade, i wud make some nice steaming upma or poha(puffed rice).well u shud come for lunch its an elaborate affair on sundays...pulao or rice, puri, curries & veggies, sweet& salad, goes on.

I came to know you through you wishing me a Happy Birthday on my blog—thank you! When is your birthday—and do you have any traditions?
well my b'day is on 17th november& i recently celebrated my 21st one. we dont exactly have traditions. U can say we got to the temple& all. I have a birthday party..get loads of gifts...this time it was jwellery. Its mostly a family thingy.

On your blog, you describe yourself “disillusioned and dazed.” What else describes you?
hmmm well firstly coz its different. Then actually for now..its my state of mind. Too many things going so like tht. Well if u know me as a friend i am very loyal& protective. AM very straightforward too. no non sense or pretence for me.

What are your hobbies?
well i love reading a lot. i like dancing tho am not trained in any forms...say all bollywood istyle! then do a bit of cooking, lil bit of writing. Long walks & sleeping!

And finally, please leave us with some of your words of wisdom.
wise... who me?
lolz..well i really liked ur blogs. its fun& innovative. Yeah i like this interview thingie too! so keep up the good work!
Thanks so much Nikita! It was a pleasure!


  1. How cool! I love the red and the purple!

    It was a blast.

  2. hey
    ur blog is really interesting unlike the other boring blogs which i have seen. i have just added ur blog to my favorites


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