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Life (and lies) in the Time of Quarantine

It has been a little over 90 days since the country-wide lockdown. We are all in some social and self-quarantine; under house arrest, badgered with domestic drudgery and of course, living farcical life of delightful work from home. This pretty much sums up my quarantine life. But I still have a job… yes, and yes, I consider myself to be among the privileged few who earns a salary, albeit at a 25% pay cut (and robbed of my hard-earned incentives), at the end of the month. The quarantine life is not at all what I imagined. Heck, I never thought I'd be without options. Living in Mumbai, I'd never thought I would have to plan so much and stay indoors not because I don't want to step out but because I am not allowed to do so for my own safety!Okay, staying home and social distancing is the right thing to do so ignore me and my ranting.No place to go – no fancy dinners, no long drives, no walks in the park or by the seaside, or anything at all. Arrgghh such first world problems!

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