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Life (and lies) in the Time of Quarantine

  It has been a little over 90 days since the country-wide lockdown. We are all in some social and self-quarantine; under house arrest, badgered with domestic drudgery and of course, living farcical life of delightful work from home. This pretty much sums up my quarantine life. But I still have a job… yes, and yes, I consider myself to be among the privileged few who earns a salary, albeit at a 25% pay cut (and robbed of my hard-earned incentives), at the end of the month. The quarantine life is not at all what I imagined. Heck, I never thought I'd be without options. Living in Mumbai, I'd never thought I would have to plan so much and stay indoors not because I don't want to step out but because I am not allowed to do so for my own safety! Okay, staying home and social distancing is the right thing to do so ignore me and my ranting. No place to go – no fancy dinners, no long drives, no walks in the park or by the seaside, or anything at all. Arrgghh such first wo

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