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This is Me

Hey there!

Welcome to Ire – my blog and my virtual sanctuary. I am a crazy dog lover, so much so that in my area I am known as Kutte-wali didi and (unfortunately), aunty. I love reading fiction, the morbid it is the better! I am a huge Harry Potter Fan but Amitav Ghosh, DH Lawrence, Jeffry Archer, John Grisham and Ruskin Bond are my all-time favorites.
I enjoy cooking but not on a daily basis. Some would say I do make a killer Punjabi Kadhi ;) I live with my 4.5-year old black Labrador, Bolt who has turned me into his slave and my husband in Mumbai.
So if you like my blogs* and would want me to review your book or try out a new product, you can drop me a mail at Or simply drop me a comment and I will get back to you :)

*For my personal blog, be warned, I am opinionated and I won’t pay any attention to anything you may not like here.

On the professional front: 

I currently work as the Assistant editor at, a TIL property. My day-to-day responsibilities include content management and social media strategy. I have over 9 years of experience in content communications and marketing. Over the years, I have successfully managed teams of writers and editing assignments and managed content plans along with devising the social strategy and its implementation. I have helped initiate and set up in-house UGC blogging networks and build communities. I have also spearheaded meet & greet events as well as conducted celebrity interviews and FB Live sessions.

Having worked in various domains such as lifestyle, film – animation, Bollywood, health, parenting, fashion and now spirituality, I have fair knowledge and understanding of content that will work, trend and get viral. In my previous roles, I have worked with brands such ICICI, Future Generali, Ponds India, Pepperfry, Indian Idol, Yardley of London and Tetra Pak India. 

Happy Reading!

Popular posts from this blog

A book review – Whispering Paths

The first time I interviewed someone for an assignment, the piece came back with a remark which read – ‘MOTS’ needs flesh, i.e. man on the street needs flesh! Whatever that meant, confusion was my first reaction to it. However, with writing and then rewriting the same assignment over, and over again, I realized that I had to add character or rather more ‘meat’ to the story. So what is my point here? I am trying to say that when someone asks me to read a new book or try a new author, I am generally wary of them. Why? Because I do not want to read through the book like a zombie because there is nothing (in terms of ‘meat) in its story or the characters!
But (There is always a catch, isn’t it?) Whispering Paths by Sneha Subramanian Kanta is different. Her debut publication has already put her in a league of writers who are out there to tell stories; stories that touch a chord deep within us and haunt us (in a good way) for time to come. Stories that a reader can relate to, feel the pain, …

What you get when you get a Dog...

Of moist wet noses and itchy ears, Pinpricks as bites and scratchy burs.
Ticks and twists, trips and tears, Licks and nips, and soulful stares.
Of woofs, barks and soft growls, Ruined furniture and empty food bowls.
Of smelly poop and slippery pee, Cuddly hugs, kisses and so much glee!
Of sleepless nights and dreamless mornings, When endless walks in the park become your calling.
Of wagging tails and adorable paw shakes, Shedding hair, rollovers, and shakes.
Of crashing dins and chasing leaves, Bring one home and you’ll never grieve.

From A Dream

(Image only for representation purpose. Copyright lies with the artist. Not Waving but Drowning Fine Art Print - Trudi Doyle)

He walked, bare feet, on a mass of crushed sea-shells Coarse sand clung onto him, he watched her Afar; sitting motionless on a wind-beaten rock As if waiting for knell
'Wosh-wosh' screamed the waves Gloriously furious, crashing on the moss-covered dock They came high, they came low Yet slow, the sea so magnificent they seemed insignificant He watched her, sitting motionless As if waiting for knell
Ominous clouds o'er head played hide-n-seek with the moon threatening to steal light till noon He prayed, she'd move and he'd take her away
somewhere warm, happy and safe
And then she turned to look at him,
Him eager, she like waif, smiled
his heart in blithe
Only to step deep into the waters
Now safe from the knell

(This is from a dream I had recently)