About Me

This is the toughest ask...believe me! Talking about ‘Who I Am’ is not something I’d like to venture into, as it almost seems that I am putting myself up on display. But now that you are here, and you are (at least I am assuming that you will if you aren’t already) reading my blog/website/personal sanctuary, you should know about me.

Here goes –

I was previously Nikita Banerjee and now am Nikita Banerjee Bhagat*. I have a BA degree in English Literature from Sophia College, Mumbai and a postgraduate diploma in social communications media from Sophia Polytechnic.

I have over 9 years of experience in content and communications. I have written on Animation films, VFX, celebrities, books, health, lifestyle, parenting, education, spirituality and astrology. I have worked with brands such as Ponds India, Yardley of London (Wipro), JAM Magazine, and mycity4kids, Ezeego1, Future Generali, Limeroad and Speaking Tree. You can look me up here - Linkedin

To my near and dear ones, I am quite the chatterbox but I can be quiet as a mouse and go without talking for days on end, and then there are days when I’d chew out your ears. I think I am amiable, especially if you love books and dogs. But if you happen to mention specific names like CB, DD or RS, the conversation will end before it can start. As a dog lover, you’d find that he, Bolt, the Labrador, is my favourite topic of discussion. I love reading fiction and write some too in my free time. I am a major foodie but too lazy to cook on most days.

I am currently freelancing my way make a living and enjoying it. 

I am also a confused feminist, very wary due to the weird idiosyncrasies and ideologies being propagated in the name of women empowerment. But if you want to discuss equality and tolerance, I might join the conversation. More often than nought, I speak my mind. My folks’ hate this side of me but hey, I am blunt but not brash.

*Gave in to the husband's request for adding his last name to mine.

And if you like what you read here on Ire or have something to share, even rant, you can write to me at banerjee.nikita@gmail.com!

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