Etched in print

Like my writing style? Here are a few of my older work samples in print and digital media:

1. Below is one of the cover stories I did for JAM Magazine

Classic Animation: Tezuka Osama
I used to write a regular classic animator feature for Animation reporter. This is for the Manga fans.

Interview with Eric Goldberg
Eric Goldberg is a world-renowned character artist behind Disney's Genie and many more amazing characters. My first-ever interview with an international Artist!

Interview with Ishu Patel
My best work so far. I was lucky to have interviewed Mr Patel, the elusive yet hugely talented Indian Canadian Animator.

Mascots vs Brand ambassadors
An insight on why advertisers are going in for animated mascots instead of stars and actors

Incredibles Comics

Classic Animator: Ladislaw Starewitch

For Digital Studios

Night At the Museum 2

Bollywood Hungama

Making of Veer, Bollywood Hungama

On Parenting:

On Speaking Tree: Look for Nikita Banerjee


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