Letters to the Unbeloved #5

Picture courtesy: Google images. Image used only for the editorial purpose. Copyright of the image lies with the artist.

Dear Ms. I-am-a-feminist-when-it-suits-me,

Your beguiling eyes got to me through your display picture on the now-defunct social media network. It was love at first sight for me. Fortunately, you reciprocated my feelings, and we began our journey as girlfriend-boyfriend. You were everything I never knew I wanted in my girlfriend – feisty, witty, smart, intelligent, warm, caring and of course, a master manipulator.

I loved the fact that you chose me as your confidante and shared your concerns and the dreams of future. Only I never to be a part of your goals or your future. All was well until your journalism projects were done and dusted for which I ran across government offices to seek permissions on your behalf and then drove you around to complete your work. I became a stalker overnight. Without any rhyme or reason, you shut me out. When I stood below your window or drove by your home, you threatened me to have me arrested.

P.s. I hope you have met your match in your ‘sansanikhez’ husband.

Yours sincerely,

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