Letters to the Unbeloved #4

Dear puppy love,

Your undivided attention was a brand-new feeling. I felt sought-after, even beautiful. I looked forward to the constant group dates and stolen kisses, watching films you liked, hanging out with your friends even though I had a lot of reading to catch up on... I felt alive and thrived as I thought you loved me in my worn kurta and Kolhapuri chappals. Your confusion over me moving to a prestigious girls college was cute too. Little did I know it was only a façade.

The constant pressure of wearing makeup, heels and short skirts bored me to death. You were relentless in the quest to box me. When you blamed me for meeting a new boy in a girl's college, I should have dumped you then.

Still, we could have carried on, evolved too had you not flung my books. 
P.s. I prefer dogs – puppy or not, over you.

Yours sincerely,

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