My first author interview at iSahitya!

Finally I am following my dream of reading books and reviewing them! Remember my book review for Whispering Paths? It got published on iSahitya. And now my interview my with author, Sneha Subramanian Kanta is published as well. 

Do read the review  & the interview!


  1. Wow, congrats Nikita :)
    Keep it up, hoping to see more of such things in the future :)



  2. Nikita,

    Congratulations. Now I can say that I know a celebrity. Do contact me and let me know how do we plan bloggers meet. My id is in my profile.

    Take care

  3. Thank you so much, Nikita. I am heartened indeed and this means a lot - thank you, a big thank you. Hugs too !

  4. @ Jack

    Hehe! Are you on gmail? We should take the discussion to the next level now!

    @ Sneha

    :D Hugs to you too!

  5. Nikita,

    My mail id is in my profile, it is

    Take care

  6. Hey there! Got your blog's link thanks to the IndiBlogger's meet.:D
    Awesome blog you've got here. Gonna follow you up! =)
    And congratulations!! :D

  7. Wonderful!! Congrats! we met @ flower arrangement table in indibloggers meet. do keep in touch

    Shilpi Dutta

  8. Hey, No new post on the festivity?

  9. @Peebee

    Thank you!

    @Shilpi Dutta

    Sure will!

  10. @ Magiceye

    Thank you! :D Do keep visiting!


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