My first mobile post (posting from the phone, that is!). So I have moved back; bag & baggage to the gaon ( villlage) of the Gurus.                              
Gurgaon has been home to me on and off. However this time the husband has promised it will be different.  We have moved out of our original to a spacious apartment that opens into a beautiful balcony, overlooking a park.               
So currently I am setting up home. No weird incidents yet nor weird people. But I am guessing I am going to bump into some soon ;-)

Till then....chao!


  1. Congrats, Nikita. Very, very happy for you! You seem to have a great husband (Spacious house and all...)! Have a great married life... :-D

  2. Nikita,

    Welcome to GURUGRAM. I am sure you will settle down happily and spread happiness to all. Any help needed for settling down?

    Take care

  3. @ Sneha

    Hahah! Yep my hubby is the bestest! :D

    @ Jack

    You are also Gurugram wasi? Waah!

  4. Enjoy...i stayed in Gurgaon for 6 yrs, good place

    - Pesto Sauce

  5. Enjoy and have fun:) Lets see some pics

  6. Enjoy nikita. Post pics of your home:)

  7. Nikita,

    Next door to you, in Dwarka. Will ultimately move to GURUGRAM. I do visit there often. I am in touch with some bloggers in your place. Please do contact on my id given in profile, if you feel comfortable.

    Take care

  8. congrats to a new life, Nikita:)

  9. @ Sujata

    Just a few more things to get done and then the pics shall be up! Thanks :)

    @ Jack

    Awesomeness! Maybe we should have a mini blogger meet and all over coffee someday soon?

  10. @ PestoSauce

    Thanks for the heads up! :)


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